Tuesday, October 8, 2019

October Small Goals

Happy October friends! We have not done a small goals post in a hot minute. I know I miss setting goals each month and having this accountability to cross things off my list. I especially love October & I feel like I have a lot of goals I'd like to accomplish before the end of the year. So here we are! Let's kick off this small goals post and see what we plan to accomplish this month.

Jen October Small Goals 

1. Read 4 library books.  I've been hitting the library hard lately and I'm hoping to read at least four books from my library stack.
2. Closet clean out.  A start of a new season feels like the perfect time to clean out a few things from my closet I'm no longer loving. It's getting packed again which makes outfit planning tricky.
3. Fall craft.  This feels kind of ambiguous. I don't have anything in mind, but I have a ridiculous amount of hand-crafted Halloween decor but way less standard hand-crafted fall decor. Hopefully I can find something up my alley.
4.  Finish Halloween cross-stitch. I usually always do a new cross-stitch project for Halloween. This year I bought 3. I started the first one and would like to get it finished by Halloween.  
5. Tear out living room carpet.  I did this in my craft room and painted the hardwood floors a dark chocolate brown. My living room is right next to it and I would like the do the same so they flow and then my house will be carpet free.

Heather October Small Goals 

1. Create a budget spreadsheet I have a pretty loose budget, but I'm very bad at guesstimating how much I'm spending regularly. I am hoping by tracking my spending through the end of the year I'll have a better handle on where my extra money goes each month. 
2. Bring my lunch 3 times a week I've been eating out a lot for lunches (or skipping it altogether) so I want to plan ahead and take my lunch 3 times a week at least. 
3. Finish Sevi's novel My friend Sevi wrote a novel! And I get to beta read it! However, I've been behind on this so I'm committing to finishing it and taking good notes for her revising process. 
4. Sell books at Half Price Books I have so many books and I need to sell a ton of them. Most of them I know I would not keep after reading anyway and can get from the library. I plan to keep a list of the titles I sell that I have not read yet so I can still get them from the library if I want. 
5. Go to a pumpkin patch I want to do all the fall things in my favorite month! I am actually planning a work trip to a pumpkin patch but I would love to go with Emily and Morgan (and Jen!) as well! 

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