Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Small Goals

For the past few years, Spring has been pretty much skipped here in Missouri. We will have a week of nice weather then it's all humidity all the time. I have been pleasantly surprised by how long Spring has stuck around this year. I've gotten to leave my windows open and wear light jackets and enjoy a few spring storms. I'm trying to be better about enjoying each day a little more for what it is, not wishing for time to move faster (or slower). Gratitude is hard sometimes, but I'm working on it. Now let's kick off May with some small goals that I can accomplish with my windows open and that sweet spring breeze. 

Jen's April Small Goals
1.  Stain quilt display shelf. Didn't get this done. I did buy supplies so hopefully I can knock it out in May.
2.  Take 2 Morning Walks per week.  Nope. Didn't happen even once.
3.  Paint the vanity in the downstairs bathroom.  I decided to paint the vanity navy blue on a whim, after having a different color picked out. I'm really glad I went this way because it really pops.  Just need to finish up painting the trims and doors white.
4.  Clean out cabinets above fridge.  I did this! I need to still donate everything, but the cabinets are pretty much empty.  Just need to figure out what I want to use them for now since they are such awkward cabinets.
5.  Finish painting the stairs.  Yes! I finished this project and I'm in love with my stairs. These little transformations are making me so happy!

3/5 - I'll take it. I was pretty sick the last week of the month and that sucked up so much of my energy.

May Small Goals

1.  Finish painting downstairs bathroom.  It's close guys, just doors and trim!
2.  No Outfit Repeats.  I'm going to try to make the most out of my current wardrobe this month and do a no outfit repeats challenge. 
3. Selfish Sewing.  I've been spending a lot of time sewing for others lately. I'm going to spend one day or afternoon working on a personal sewing project.  Nothing planned, just whatever strikes my fancy.
4.  Buy a Fern.  For some reason, I've become obsessed with the idea of having a big leafy fern on my front porch. The porch is ready for spring/summer with my patio set and various gnome decorations. I think a fern would just complete the look.
5.  Buy a new shower curtain.  Now that the bathroom is almost finished, I'm ready to start looking at a few things to decorate it with. First on my list is a shower curtain. I keep joking about making the bathroom HP themed and I think I found a shower curtain that will have a subtle nod to the forbidden forest without being OVERLY HP.  Apparently my husband is not as obsessed as I am?

Heather's April Small Goals
1. Start Couch to 5K I started and am only a few days in but I am feeling good about getting back into it. 
2. Buy a book cart Done! I bought it on April 30th, but I did it. Just in time too since I also picked up like 10 library books on the same day. 
3. Meal plan for dinners I did not get this one done, but I still want to try and fit it in at some point. 
4. Sew a robe Nope. I got confused by the pattern and just didn't start on it. I still want to do this though. 
5. Spending Freeze Besides the book cart, I did a good job on my spending freeze this month. 

3/5 goals completed

May Small Goals 
1. Bring my lunch 3 times a week I've been either eating out or not eating lunch and I need to get better about planning. I want to bring my lunch at least 3 times a week this month. 
2. Read 5 books I feel like I've been in a reading slump. I want to read at least 5 books in May. 
3. Book AirBnB for Colorado trip We are going on a family vacation to Colorado this summer with my sisters and I want to make sure we book the AirBnB this month since we need a place to sleep 7 people. 
4. Start a new crafty project I haven't been doing anything crafty lately. I want to at least start on something, probably knitting or crocheting something. 
5. Buy some patio furniture I love sitting outside on my porch, but we have been using weird folding chairs (until they broke) and now an old computer chair so it's time to invest in some actual outdoor furniture. I don't need anything fancy or expensive, just two chairs and a small table, which I think I've already found. I just need to go buy them! 

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