Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Heather's 101 in 1,001

Maybe it's the weather, but I'm on this big personal development/goal setting kick. I recently stumbled across a blog about the 101 in 1,001 goals and then went down a rabbit hole reading multiple blogs about them. I was easily convinced that I wanted to give it a shot for myself. The idea is to list 101 goals you would like to complete in 1,001 days (about 2.75 years). It gives you a longer timeline to work on the goals and hopefully accomplish more of them than you normally would. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to put on mine. I wanted to add goals that I have always wanted to accomplish and I wanted to think through what I wanted my life to look like 1,001 days from now. I think I've found a good mix of large and small goals, plus things that will help me stretch and grow.

I do have a few guidelines to help me stay on track:

  • I will check in every 3 months to post progress to hold myself accountable. This will include completed goals and in progress goals.
  • I can evaluate goals and change them if needed. This would take place during my 3 month check in. 
I am really excited to get started and see what I can accomplish by the end of 2021. Here's a list of my goals. I'll also keep this post updated as I accomplish things. 

101 in 1,001 Goals 

Start April 1, 2019
End December 27, 2021
  1. Host a wine party 
  2. Read all books I currently own (As of April 1, 2019) 
  3. Buy only second hand clothes for 6 months 
  4. Print photo books 
  5. Organize photos on my phone 
  6. Run a half marathon 
  7. Travel to Europe 
  8. Travel to 5 new places in the US 
  9. Take one family vacation a year 
  10. Send Christmas cards 
  11. Improve my credit score by 150 points 
  12. Complete the Tarot for the Wild Soul course 
  13. Create a morning routine 
  14. Write a book 
  15. Go to the eye doctor 
  16. Go the the dentist every 6 months 
  17. Buy a new couch 
  18. Buy a book cart (completed May 2019) 
  19. Create a bar cart 
  20. Move to a new house 
  21. Have a picnic in Forest Park 
  22. Go to the drive in 
  23. No eating out for lunch for 1 month 
  24. Complete a Yoga by Adrienne challenge 
  25. Climb a rock wall 
  26. Go to drag brunch 
  27. Send one letter a month 
  28. Watch 5 series in my Netflix queue 
  29. Go wine tasting 
  30. Go to a hockey game 
  31. Go ice skating 
  32. Go on a solo trip 
  33. See a musical at The Fox 
  34. See a show at the Muny 
  35. Go to 5 concerts 
  36. Get a facial at Lark Skin Co. 
  37. Go on an overnight hike 
  38. Print and hang wedding / engagement / honeymoon photos 
  39. Throw a surprise party 
  40. Do a GBBO baking challenge 
  41. Get started with investing 
  42. Go kayaking 
  43. Go vegan for one month 
  44. Stay at a haunted hotel 
  45. Make a will 
  46. Get a Thai massage 
  47. Complete a 100 day project 
  48. Watch every season of SNL 
  49. Get promoted 
  50. Do a 10x10 clothing challenge 
  51. Bike on the Katy Trail 
  52. Work from a coffee shop once a month 
  53. Yearly HAM reunions 
  54. Sell my wedding dress 
  55. Submit a post to Pass/Fail 
  56. Make my own bath bombs 
  57. Get a diffuser for essential oils 
  58. Pay off Jarrett’s student loans 
  59. Have $500 in personal savings 
  60. Make my own candles
  61. Redesign the blog  
  62. Buy a new bed (frame + mattress) 
  63. Go on a sisters only trip 
  64. Try a dance class 
  65. Buy a Nooworks jumpsuit (completed April 2019) 
  66. Buy an Outdoor Voices/Girlfriend Collective workout set (completed May 2019) 
  67. Go back to Mexico 
  68. Go on a ghost tour 
  69. Make my own iced lattes at home 
  70. Go to an aquarium 
  71. Go to Harry Potter theme park 
  72. Visit the botanical gardens 
  73. Try 5 new breweries 
  74. Go on a Christmas lights tour 
  75. Get a new Christmas tree 
  76. Drink lemon water in the morning for 1 month 
  77. Complete the Kon Mari decluttering method 
  78. Take Jake on morning walks before work for one month 
  79. Sell used books at Half Price books every 3 months 
  80. Get an Apple Watch 
  81. Complete Couch to 5K 
  82. Get a robot vacuum 
  83. Buy some indoor plants (real or fake) 
  84. Knit or crochet a blanket 
  85. Knit a sweater 
  86. Use the yarn I have to make scarves/hats to donate 
  87. Sew 5 different clothing items 
  88. Buy wool dryer balls 
  89. Meal plan a week at a time for one month 
  90. Buy a bike 
  91. No screen time after 7pm for one month 
  92. Rewatch 5 shows I love 
  93. Blog outfit photos twice a month 
  94. Write an article for work 
  95. Get a tattoo 
  96. Cook every recipe in a cookbook 
  97. Try 10 new restaurants in STL 
  98. Stick to a strict budget for one month 
  99. Meet up with one friend every month 
  100. Keep a gratitude journal
  101. Read 10 classic books 

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  1. 101 in 1001 lists are my favorite! I completed my first round last month and I'm excited to start a round 2 fairly soon. Love this! <3