Friday, April 19, 2019

GROUNDBREAKING: Florals for Spring

Friends!! Winter is finally over (or is winter coming?)(V timely Game of Thrones reference).  This is our first outfit post in close to a year.  Winter was brutal and we just couldn't talk each other into freezing nor is it easy to feel stylish when its that cold.  Anyway, fashion is such a big part of our lives and we are so happy to make this a regular thing again.  

Heather suggested we do some floral outfits to kick off the spring and our return to the fashion blogging world.  It felt so good getting back into the swing of things, giggling, twirling and collaborating on outfit ideas that we are determined to make this a regular thing again.  

Heather and I have both been rather strict with our funds this year.  We both have serious goals of tackling debt and planning for the future which feels really good.  This means less shopping in stores and more shopping in our closets.  I feel like I'm embracing this in a way I never have before.  When you are constantly bringing in new pieces, it feels hard to mesh your wardrobe together. You get excited to wear the new piece, but its hard to realize all the potential outfits because you have so many pieces. This top for example, I've worn it a few times but only with mom jeans. It was hard for me to see the potential of the other outfits it could help create. Now as I'm looking at this outfit, I could picture the shirt with some black skinny jeans and a denim vest.  

I think I was just overwhelmed and that dampened by creativity in this outlet of my life.  In the past couple of months, I've donated approximately 15 garbage sized bags to Goodwill and I still have so many things. There still isn't much wiggle room anywhere though. I do have things organized better and everything now has its spot; but there isn't much room for new things.  My mom always said you should get rid of something old when you bring something new in and damnit, I think she might be right. 

I feel like I'm way more apt to mix and match now which is helping create some super cute outfits and I'm feeling less bored with my wardrobe overall.  Sure, there are still times when I think "Ohhhh if I only had this top or those shoes, this outfit would be perfect" but would it? Honestly, IDK but I'm feeling a lot more saner have less to choose from. 

I honestly feel like it might be a precursor to start a "only buy used clothes for 6 months or however long" challenge.  I'm so intrigued when other people do this challenge. I think it is definitely something I'm going to try in the future since I thrift pretty often anyway and I reallllly enjoy rocking a vintage piece. 

Outfit Details

Bodysuit {Forever 21} / Pants {Forever 21} / Sandals {American Eagle}
All from last season.

Jen and I always seem to be on similar wavelengths and this is no exception. I've donated my heart out over the past year, but still my closet seemed to be filled to the brim. Not only was it overflowing, but I also was basically wearing the exact same like 10 things. There was no creativity and getting dressed didn't bring me joy like it used to, which was a real bummer. 

I've gained about 15-20 pounds over the past year and part of my lack of clothing creativity was things didn't fit anymore. So last Friday I decided I was done. I took literally every single piece of clothing I owned and piled it on my bed, Marie Kondo style. Then I tried each thing on. If it didn't fit, it went in a pile to the side to be packed away. I'm giving it until August 1st and if it still doesn't fit at that point, it's being donated. I'm not actively trying to lose weight, but I do love all the items I'm keeping so I want to make sure they need to be gone for good before I donate them. I struggle with binge eating and healing my eating habits could mean I lose weight, but it also could mean I don't. And I'm fine either way. 

This process means my closet holds about 1/3 of what it did before, but now I know every single thing fits me and I feel good in it. It's incredibly freeing. I had no idea the weight those clothes in my closet had on my mental health. I'm working hard to stop attaching my worth to how much I weigh and what I look like at any size. My body is my body and it does not determine how worthy of love, success, and affection I am. Easier said than done, but clearing out the physical reminders that I'm not a certain size has helped make that head space easier to occupy. 

I'm incredibly thankful for Jen and her support. She's always there to remind me I'm cute and valuable just as I am. She also took these photos of me which reminded me how much I love clothes and looking cute. I've been living in leggings, but probably more accurately, I've been hiding in leggings. I'm excited to get dressed again and cannot wait to be creative with my best friend to take outfit photos I feel good in. 

Outfit Details 

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