Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring To Do List

The official first day of Spring was this week and I've been celebrating by wearing sandals despite the temperature each day & opening my windows even if it's only 50 degrees. There's definitely something in the later sunsets & slightly warmer temps that gets me inspired to work on projects and get some things done. I asked Jen if we wanted to post some seasonal goals, along with our monthly small goals, and she was down so here we are. I love how varied our goals are and I'm really excited to cross things off my list! 

Heather's Spring To Do List

  • Get new patio furniture - our previous patio furniture was foldable chairs and now it's one old computer chair and a cement block we use as a table. Not great. Jarrett and I like to sit outside and have a drink when the weather warms up so I want to get some patio furniture to make it a nice space to do so. 
  • Plant some veggies - we haven't attempted to grow veggies since 2017. The girls are growing cabbage for a school project so we are deciding as a family what veggies we want for our small garden. 
  • Start Couch to 5K - I really enjoyed this app a few years ago when I was getting into running and I want to get back into it now that the weather is getting better and the sun is setting later. 
  • Extra bedroom makeover - I want to make our extra bedroom and usable space after 3 years of just filling it with things that have no place. I've got big plans and I want to finish this by June.  
  • Take the girls to Forest Park - I want to take the girls to the Art Museum in Forest Park & maybe have a picnic on Art Hill. 
  • Do some thrifting/yard sale browsing - with my plans to update my home on a budget, I want to try and get as many things second hand as I can. 
  • Go to a farmers market - I haven't been to a farmers market since I lived in San Diego 6 years ago. I know there are some good ones in St. Louis so I want to make plans one weekend to hit one up. 
  • Go camping - I don't like camping when it's super hot out so this is going on my spring to do list. It will let us finally use the tent we bought two years ago. 

Jen's Spring To Do List

  • Sunshine reading - One of my favorite things about Spring rolling around is soaking up some vitamin D while getting my read on.  Mornings are my favorite time to soak up some sun!
  • Stairway refashion - Now that upstairs is pretty much wrapped up, I'm ready to tackle the stairs. I'm going to remove the old carpeting, give everything a good cleaning and then I'm going to brighten it up with a couple of coats of paint.  I'd love to have this project wrapped up by the end of March.
  • Paint downstairs bathroom - I just noticed my local hardware store has paint on sale so I'm going to stock up and hopefully tackle this project Easter weekend.  I have a very monochrome vision in mind and am just pumped to be tackling projects on the main level of the house.
  • Goodwill outlet - I have never been to the Goodwill outlet, but my sister and brother in law go regularly and I'm hoping to tag along on one of their thrifting trips soon.
  • Refinish kitchen table  My kitchen table has seen its better days.  It's still sturdy as an oak, but could use a good stain.  I'll probably outsource this project to my very crafty sister and brother-in-law.
  • Introduce Handmade by Gnomecat - It has forever been a dream of mine to sell homemade sewing wears. I now have the perfect opportunity to sell my wears and to advertise commission work through my sister's handmade business (she repurposes used furniture and paints custom signs). I'm very excited to be teaming up with someone who has very similar goals as I do and I can't wait to make my debut.
  • Walks in the park - There is a pretty decent walking trail at the park a few blocks from my house. I spent quite a few mornings last spring walking out my anxiety.  I really love to mix some walking/jogging into my current exercise regimen. Really, anything to get me outdoors more.

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