Thursday, February 14, 2019

February Small Goals

Hey blog friends! Well, February is already halfway over but that doesn't mean we still don't have goals. We kind of fell off a little blog wise but Jen and I decided we both love it so we are keeping this thing going. The only issue is the weather isn't cooperating every weekend we try to make plans to work on content. Missouri weather doesn't give an eff about best friendship. Anyway, here are the goals we hope to accomplish this month. Let's gooooo!

Jen's January Small Goals
1.  Prep upstairs for painting. Yes! I managed to get a good clean on upstairs and purchased most of my supplies to paint the walls and floors.
2.  Make a photo display.  Done, but I've noticed I haven't used my camera much since which makes me sad. I'd like to continually update this display to keep the photos fresh.
3.  Shopping Freeze.  I managed to not buy myself any extras this month. It felt really good and is helping me realize I'm fine with what I have.
4. Dress up twice a week.  Fail. It's just so damn cold.
5. Exercise.  I did decent the first part of January and then sort of fell off track as I started getting back into my home improvement projects.

3/5 seems pretty good for January, a month we all struggle with.

Jen's February Small Goals
1.  Paint my bedroom walls and floors.  I can hardly believe I'm this far into my bedroom project. Painting felt so abstract and far away when I first started ripping that carpet up. Hopefully I can get the whole room (walls and floors) painted by the end of the month.
2.  Find some pops of color.  Now that I'm so close to finishing my bedroom project I'm in peak decorating mode.  I'm looking to add some pops of colors with some new curtains and lamps.  Hopefully I can find what I'm looking for while sticking to a pretty tight budget.
3.  Purge and organize my collectibles.  A while back I was obsessed with decorating my house with vintage treasures. At first it was way cute and cozy but then as my collection got out of control  it turned into a cluttered mess.  I'm going to purge the excess and rearrange my collection so that I can really enjoy it again.
4.  Organize my sweatersLike the rest of the world, I've fallen into the Kon Marie trend. I feel like it has helped me really invest in my house and my things. I feel so much more in control. I bought 12 linen bins for the huge shelves in my closet.  I'm going to fill them mostly with sweaters and some joggers.  Slowly but surely I will get this closet organized.  Can you tell the clothing part is the hardest for me?
5.  Finish Valentine's Quilt.  I tested a Valentine's Quilt for a quilter/pattern maker on instagram.  I finished the quilt top up very quickly and just need to make time to quilt it and bind it.  Hopefully I can knock that out this month.

Heather's January Small Goals
1. Host a really cool birthday party for E&M I cannot confirm how cool it was, but we did host a dance party/sleepover and I think it was pretty successful.
2. Book a trip to meet Hazel Done and done! I have a weekend in March booked to meet the coolest baby in the world.
3. Read 5 books I read NINE books so suck on that!
4. Kon-Mari my house (specifically papers & miscellaneous) Yes! I made so much progress with this! I'm honestly not done and my extra bedroom is the next big project in this series. 
5. Plan out Christmas 2019 crafts Nope. Did not do this.

4/5 goals complete. Not a bad way to kick off 2019!

Heather's February Small Goals
1. Sunday yoga I'm trying to ease my way back into exercise and doing yoga on Sundays seems like a really nice way to both bring more exercise into my life & beat the Sunday Scaries. 
2. Wear a dress once a week I have so many dresses but I have not been wearing them. It's a combination of laziness and it being too cold to wear anything but leggings and big sweaters. I want to wear a dress once a week this month. 
3. Organize the extra room My extra bedroom is the bane of my existence. I've organized it a hundred times it feels like and it's messier than ever right now. I'm determined to make it look like an actual room that's functional and not just full of stuff.  
4. Start a new knitting project I haven't been creating anything in weeks. I want to start something new, even if it's just making hats with yarn I already own. 
5. Read 10 books I read 9 books in January and want to try to beat that by reading 10 books in February. 

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