Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October Small Goals

Happy mid-October! I know this is late but I'm posting our monthly goals late anyway so DEAL WITH IT. Not that I think people care that much, but I love goal setting and monthly small goals are a great way to hold myself accountable for getting things done. What's on your October goal list? Tell me so I can get ideas to steal for my November list! 

Jen's September Small Goals
1. Decorate for Halloween.  Done! Not only have I decorated, I've purchased so many new decorations that I think I can justify having a Halloween storage tote now. Go me!
2. Finish WIPs.  This one is a work in progress. I had 4 WIPs to finish. 2 are done and I've cut out the fabric for the other two and have them sewed into blocks.  I just need to quilt them now and get them ready for display. I'm counting this one though! 
3. Fix Drywall Cracks I really want to count this one but I won't. I did not touch the drywall this month. As predicted, I got distracted by removing part of the carpet upstairs and uncovering old hardwood. New plan: remove all the carpet glue off the hardwood and I'm thinking about painting the hardwood gray. I'm in love with this new plan.
4. Yearly Sampler Catch Up.  Done! This is probably the first time I've been caught up all year. It really is perfect timing with the release of some seasonal patterns.
5. Goldie Vance Marathon. Thank you cozy Sunday afternoon for letting me binge this series. It was so good!

4/5 is pretty badass which means I'm pretty badass.

Jen's October Goals
1. Josie and the Pussycats Marathon.  I'm really digging making a comic book marathons a goal. There are 2 comics in the newest version of this series and I can't wait to dive further into the Archie world.
2.  Removing Carpet.  Now that I've started this goal, there is no going back. My goal is to have at least half the room carpet free. It's a really big room and removing the glue is a really slow process. Hopefully I can knock this goal out of the part and surpass my expectations.
3. Finish Quilt.  Sew I've been slowlllllly working on a quit this summer. It's nothing special - just a patchwork quilt made out of a hodge podge of fabrics. My husband sleeps hot and prefers quilts sans batting. The goal was to finish it by fall and oops, it is fall and it isn't finished. The top is getting close to be done and I just plan on yard tying it for quilting purposes. Maybe I'll finish this month?
4. Start an Outfit Diary. I've always secretly wanted the Clueless closet set up. Being able to see your entire wardrobe and generate outfits is a literal dream. I've decided to download an app that does basically the same. You load all your clothes into it, it can help generate outfits on lazy mornings and I love the idea of keeping an outfit diary. Being able to see the stats on how often you wear something and if you are getting your money out of each purchase.  Loading my entire wardrobe seems daunting, so I'll probably just start out small with keeping the outfit diary and with some time I'll get a majority of it loaded.
5. Halloween Books.  I love picking out spooky books to read during the month of October. Spooky books are my jam and I just love participating in season nonsense, even if its nonsense made up by me. I'm hoping to squeeze in 5 different spooky stories! Also, stay tuned for your spooky book list for October!

Heather's September Small Goals
1. Sign up for workout classes I did it! I signed up at Trufusion, which offers a variety of different classes at different levels. So far I've tried a kettlebell class that killed me & I'm planning on a cycling class, dance class, & yoga. I'm really into the variety and it's kept me excited about working out. 
2. Finish at least one knitting project Done! I finally finished knitting a cardigan I started last year. Now I just need it to be cold enough to wear it. 
3. Track my money  This is one I did not do. I know my spending was much less than it's been in the past, but I didn't keep an exact count of what went in/out. 
4. Find some new lunch recipes I tried a few new things this month. A winter pasta salad & cauliflower leek soup. Both were winners & even the girls loved the soup leftovers. 
5. Organize my extra room Another goal smashed! Its' not perfect yet, but serious progress has been made. 

4/5 goals complete! 

October Small Goals
1. Schedule in two kinds of self care My therapist recommended scheduling in my self care. I have been really letting myself get pulled in a lot of different directions so I feel like I'm the last thing I prioritize. I would like to get my nails done & get a massage this month. 
2. Go to two workout classes a week The gym I signed up for is $95/month for unlimited classes. To really make this worth continuing past the cheaper intro month, I need to go to classes AT LEAST twice a week. I'm putting it on my calendar now! 
3. Make some Halloween crafts I got a good start with my Hocus Pocus sign, but I'd like to make even more Halloween decorations for my house. 
4. Redefine my style I'm in such a style rut lately. I'm living in leggings and most things in my closet are going untouched. Do I need to do a big purge and start over? Do I accept that I just wear leggings every day now? I'm not sure. I'm going to figure it out in October though. 
5. Make a budget for the last 3 months of the year One of my huge lifelong goals is to be better at money. I want to look at the upcoming holidays and budget accordingly. Do I need to start a spreadsheet? I guess we will find out! 

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