Friday, September 14, 2018

Summer of the Jumpsuit

Who knew it would take us so long to post some new outfit photos. Our unintentional blog break was great, but I really did miss taking outfit photos with my bestie. It's creatively fulfilling and helps me remember what things I have in my closet that aren't getting enough love. 

It might be a little too early to call it, but it seems like fall is on it's way here in Missouri. The mornings have been cooler, it's less humid, I'm wearing jackets. It could definitely turn back around and be in the 90s again with 100% humidity, but I'm being optimistic that it's fall. This was part of the reason we wanted to showcase our favorite summer jumpsuits before it got cold and stayed that way. 

This jumpsuit is my dream outfit. It's my power color, it's got cute ruffle & eyelet details, & it was only $15 at Forever 21. So major fashion score for me. 

I will be honest and say when I first saw these photos, I did not love them. I've been deep in the emotional eating space recently & I was shocked to see how the jumpsuit looked on me, especially in the stomach area. I've been living in stretchy leggings recently, mostly because I did not want to see how bad I look in my regular clothes. I struggle constantly with tying my value as a human to the way I look in my clothes. It's like I know I have value & worth, but then feeling uncomfortable in my clothes makes me feel like I don't. It's really stupid. 

I'm in therapy twice a month, sometimes more. We talk a lot about my food issues and how to address them. We talk about how to stop thinking I only have value if I look a certain way. Obviously this is still a work in progress, but I'm embracing these photos of myself. I had fun with Jen this day. I love this jumpsuit. I am trying to focus on the good instead of the negative, which is probably me just being way too hard on myself. 

So here's to the summer of living in jumpsuits & also learning to be more kind to myself. Cheers to that. 

Have you missed us? I've definitely missed everything about blogging, but most particular outfit posts. They always inspire confidence and sometimes inspire me to put together outfits I wouldn't normally put together. Anytime I'm shopping, I always make sure to scour the clearance racks to see if there are any hidden jumpsuits on sale for a good price.

The older I get, the more I hate to pay full price for something.* Usually if I wait a couple of weeks a sale will run or I'll get a coupon code to use. Then in my mind, with the difference saved I can buy other goodies. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I miss out on items by waiting but usefully if proves fruitful. This jumpsuit was on the clearance rack at Target for $9. It was in my size but I could tell it was going to be wayyyy to long for me. By about a foot. Since I've experimented with making clothes in the past, I thought I would try to alter it myself.

I cut off a several inches on each leg and hemmed them. I was really worried about making the legs to short when honestly I probably could have taken it up another inch or two. I also adjusted the straps to make them fit tighter since they were a little loose. I spent about half an hour altering this outfit and I'm glad I took the time to do it. I could see myself wearing this out to brunch or shopping or really to any fun summer activity. Its comfy, cute and fits so much better than it did previously. 

Altering clothes is a little out of my comfort zone and isn't a project I would normally take on. Usually when I see something that would need altering, I'd just put it back on the rack and move on. I hate the thought of spending money on something that won't work and that I might destroy in the process of trying to make work.  I think this is inspiring me to slow down and evaluate things I'm contemplating purchasing to see if I can make it work even better for me if I take the time to do a little alteration.

*Please note, I'm not perfect and I do buy things at full price from time to time. Sometimes my lack of will power gets the best of me and I try not to feel bad when I do. We're all just on the same road to cuteness, yah know?

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