Sunday, September 9, 2018

September Small Goals

I don't know about you, but I've been feeling a ton of cleansing vibes lately. Maybe it's the rainy weekend that brought this fall chill into the air, maybe it's just the changing of the seasons. I feel this pull to really organize and purge things that aren't working for me any longer. I think this is reflected in a lot of my small goals. I'm excited to get back into setting intentional goals each month with my bestie. What goals are you working on this month? 

Jen's September Small Goals
1. Decorate for Halloween.  It takes everything in my being not to decorate for Halloween in August. I know, I'm one of those people.  Halloween is my favorite and I can't wait to surround myself in my Halloween d├ęcor.
2. Finish WIPs. I forever have a stack of work in progress crafts. When I finish a stage of a project it simply moves from one WIP pile to the next.  I've got about 4 cross stitch projects, in particular, that I would like to finish and turn into the final project.
3. Fix Drywall Cracks.  I've been on a home repair/remodeling kick lately. In the last month, I've painted both my living room and my upstairs bathroom.  Both were covered in hideous paneling and both rooms have been transformed by a can of paint. I can't emphasize this enough, when in doubt definitely paint it. Anyway, my husband started remodeling a room (9 years ago-ahhhhh!) and I'm going to get my hands dirty fixing up a few drywall cracks so it can be prepped for painting. Hopefully I don't get distracted with removing the gross carpet upstairs and scraping the glue off the original hardwood. I could this going in so many different directions this month.
4. Yearly Sampler Catch Up.  I do a cross stich yearly sampler every year (its tradition at this point).  I'm about 2 months or so behind on it so my goal is to get caught up with the exceptions of the borders. The project is jungle themed so its a pretty adorable stitch.
5. Goldie Vance Marathon.  I recently ordered the next 3 volumes of the Goldie Vance comics and I plan on devouring them this month.  I'll probably reread the first comic in the process. I need more of this sassy detective in my life.

Heather's Small Goals
1. Sign up for workout classes I've been working through the best way for me to workout and I think giving classes a try is my next adventure. There are some kickboxing classes at a local gym close to my house or a gym with lots of interesting classes by where I work. The hardest thing is finding the time to make it happen.
2. Finish at least one knitting project I have a few projects sitting around in my extra room taking up space. Another one of my small goals is to organize my extra room so finishing up these projects is a win/win.
3. Track my money I am working on being more intentional with a lot of things in my life. Exercising, eating, & how I spend my money. I want to keep track of how much money I spend this month and make sure I'm really honoring that goal.
4. Find some new lunch recipes I feel like all my goals this month are kind of related. I've been eating out more than I'd like for lunch during the work week. I am kind of bored with frozen dinners so I want to find some easy, delicious, healthy-ish recipes that I can bring for lunch.
5. Organize my extra room Our extra room has become a catch all sort of place. Like the room in Harry Potter with all the junk piled up in it. That's our extra room. I want to do the best I can to organize it without purchasing anything. That means lots of decluttering, donating, and trashing things I don't need any more.

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