Thursday, May 3, 2018

April Rewind

Man, April was a really slow reading month for me.  I read our book club pick, Daughter of a Pirate King, which I really didn't enjoy and the latest Paper Girls which was very entertaining.  May is already proving to be better in the book department.

When life seems uncertain and overwhelming, I highly suggest a rewatch of The Office.  I also recommend the new stand up by Natasha Leggero and her husband (haha) Moshe Kasher.  It was very funny and I love watching them combine their comedic styles.

I've been on an audiobook kick, thank you library.  I listened to Thankful Drinking by Carrie Fisher, Are You There Alone? The Andrea Yates story by Suzanne O'Malley and The Actor's Life by Jenna Fischer.  I enjoyed each and every one of these books but I think Andrea Yates story was my favorite. It is so perverse with such horrible religious undertones, yet so many people failed her and the children. I highly recommend it.

Also this month
Unemployed Husband
Just a couple of days before Heather's wedding, my husband quit his job.  The company was suddenly restructured and things were just going downhill fast.  I completely support him in his decision but all the uncertainty, plus the jarring change to my everyday routine has my anxiety completely our of sorts.  Luckily he has a new job lined up so

My Bestie Got Hitched
Ahhhhhhh! It happened and it was such a happy day. Really, the entire weekend was so much fun with all the different wedding events. Lots of socializing is very much out of my comfort zone but I was so happy to be there with Heather and I had so much fun bonding with both of her sisters. 

Family Photos
My sister has the cutest little dog family ever and she asked me to help her get some family photos taken.  They are equal parts ridiculous and adorable.  Heather was great and let me borrow her camera and then edited the photos afterwards.  I think I might even print a few up to display.

This was a pretty bad month for books. My anxiety was through the roof with wedding stuff so I found it really hard to focus on reading. I did read the fantastic series on Jenny Trout's blog on 50 Shades of Grey and how terrible it is. It was such a good way to keep reading something while at the same time destressing. 

My media consumption really picked up after my wedding. Jarrett and I spent a few days binging The Sopranos. We are on the last season and I am very into it. We also started catching up on Marvel movies in preparation for the new Avengers movie. We only have 3 more left and I'm so glad we did this since I would not have remembered all the plot points leading up to this. 

I've gotten really into Oh No! Ross and Carrie again after taking a break. Their Scientology series was amazing and I got back into it with their flat earther series. They do an amazing job of balancing their skepticism with their openness for other's points of view. Especially in their in person interviews. They never come across and mean or rude, just people who don't really agree with you but respect you. I highly recommend it! 

Also this month
 Ada turns 1
My favorite baby turned one this month and we got to celebrate with donuts, cupcakes, and mimosas (not for babies). It was so fun to party with our friends and to see Ada open all her gifts (mostly books). Plus the girls always love seeing Ada and there were other kids there so they were in heaven. 

Married AF
The biggest thing to happen this month was definitely our wedding. It feels almost like giving birth. You cry a lot and have all these plans and then the day gets here (or baby) and you forget all about how hard it was because the day was so perfect. It was seriously a perfect day. I felt so beautiful and could not stop smiling the whole day. It was fantastic. I can't wait to share more with you! 

Bachelorette vibes 
One of my favorite parts of my wedding weekend was my bachelorette party. My friends planned a delicious dinner with wine & pasta. I laughed so hard and got to catch up with friends I don't see too often. I'm so happy to be surrounded by so many badass ladies (and that I got to wear matching mustard lace with Jen!) 

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