Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Heather's Engagement Photos

 Not only is today Valentine's Day, but it marks two months until we get married! Thus it is the perfect time to finally share my engagement photos. My ideal time to get married would be in the fall. It's my favorite season and I would have loved to use a million pumpkins for decorations. Getting engaged in May meant we would either have had to get married in 5 months or 18 months, and neither was ideal. So I settled on a spring wedding and still ended up getting the fall engagement photos I always dreamed of. 

We took these the first weekend in November, one day before I started my new job. I got to wear my favorite color, the weather was gorgeous, and the leaves on the trees were amazing. Plus my photographer is a damn gem. Not only did I find her on Instagram, she also got married at the same venue last June. I'm so excited to see how she captures the wedding day. I'm dealing with a ton of body anxiety related to my wedding, but I am confident she's going to capture me at my most beautiful and happy. I mean, just look at these engagement photos <3

Now, a ton of photos of me and Jarrett looking in love and stuff. Enjoy! 

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