Friday, February 2, 2018

February Book Club

Hey Friends! It's February 1st and time for us to announce our book club pick!  

We've been doing book club for so long now, that we've kind of thrown all the rules out the window in regards to how we make our selections. Heather had a great idea to dedicate this month to comic books. I immediately was on board because I think I might love comic books more than regular books at the moment.  Anyway, the rules are pretty loose; we are just picking random comics we've had on our TBR lists and reading as many and we can fit in.  I've lent Heather a ton recently (like at least 10), I'm putting holds on comics/graphic novels at the library, downloaded my library's app to read comics electronically and I'm combing through my Amazon wish list to strategize what comics to purchase for the month. You know, mostly deciding if I'm on Team Archie or Team Jug Head (obviously Jug Head because he's the resident bad boi!).  At the end of the month, we'll do a wrap up and discuss each and every comic we were able to squeeze in this month.  If you were cool, you'd join along.

We'll both be instagramming our comic journeys this month pretty hard, so you should probably be following us there too if you aren't already. Heather's handle is @webbheather_ & mine's @gnomecat.  Feel free to stalk us in a non-murderish type of way.

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