Monday, January 22, 2018

Roller Rink Babes

Hey friends! Our latest outfit post is coming to you from the good ole roller rink.  I'm not sure how popular this place is with the kids nowadays, but it was a pretty big deal back in the 90s. If you grew up in town, it was basically every 13 year olds retreat during the weekends of the winter.  I was a country girl so I only got to go occasionally with friends, which explains why I'm such a crappy skater.  Anyway, Heather hosted the girls' birthday party at the local rink this year so we decided to sneak in a few outfit photos while the kids skated.  Outfit photos are tricky and hilarious to take when you are in perpetual motion.

Man, skating takes some serious balance and leg strength.  Even though I feel like I'm in decent shape, my balance sucks and I think that may be more of a personal trait than anything else. But I had a blast attempting to skate, watching the kids skate and eating birthday cake.  I'm secretly always harboring dreams of working on my skating skills and becoming a killer roller derby girl but I'm really not sure I'm cut out for that life.

If you have come into contact with me in the past 3 weeks, you've probably heard me complain about how cold it is. Literally negative degrees for days. The extreme cold has finally broke and its rebounded into the 40s-50s, but man it was so brutal! I keep joking about moving to Canada (mostly for political reasons) and I'm just not quite sure I could handle the cold for that long.  Anyway, this has become a go to outfit for me. The sweater is so warm, and even though it looks super bulky it doesn't feel that way when you are wearing it. Plus it has the most fun print and it is the perfect vintage piece to have in my wardrobe.

Outfit Details
Sweater {Goodwill} / Mom Jeans {American Eagle}

About halfway through this party, Jarrett jokingly said, "Are you guys going to take outfit photos?" and we totally went all in for it. Don't joke with us about our outfit photos! Not only was skating a blast (once I got the hang of it again) but it was so fun to try and take some outfit photos with Jen while on skates. It was hard and funny, and some of my poses turned out weird, but I love them all. 

It was such a nice change of pace to take photos at the skating rink. I love me a good brick wall, but it's also fun to switch it up. It also helped me feel more creative with my poses than just my same old same old "look at the ground while crossing your ankles" pose. I was also very in to my outfit. I know this is kind of silly, but I was so stressed about picking an outfit that made me look like a cool 31 year old mom. I knew I would see some other parents (most of which I was younger than) so I wanted to look put together, but also like myself (and also warm). I feel like I kind of nailed it. 

I love goofing off with Jen and honestly, sometimes I'm way too in my head about looking weird or goofy while taking photos. But I think my favorite were the last two, where I really leaned in to the weirdness. I hate being so in my head about how I look or if my body looks weird, so it was really fun to see the outcome of these photos (the majority of which were blurry, but I dare you to take photos on skates and not take blurry photos). 

Jeggings (AE) / Top (WalMart) / Sweater (Melomoda

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