Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January Small Goals

Photo taken at Giodanos in Chicago 

January 2018 feels like the start of something good. To get a little astrological on you, I recently went through my Saturn Return, which is 3 years of challenges and hard work. It ended in December and I can honestly feel like something is different. Maybe you don't believe in astrology and the like, but to me, I can tell that this year is something completely different. The end of 2017 for me felt like I was finally in the place I'm meant to be. I have a job I love, I'm getting married in a few months, my life is good. 2017 was hard both for the world and for me, but I'm ready to take on 2018. I have so much I want to accomplish, so I'm excited to kick this year off with some thoughtful goals. As always, Jen and I are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so definitely check out all the other goal setters linked up there! 

Jen's December Small Goals 
1. Survive the holidays.  Well, we are on the other side of things and I'm still alive so goal completed.  There was a lot going on and my husband caught a cold during it, but it's over and nothing crazy happened.
2.  Bake Christmas Cookies.  Done. I made two kinds of gooey butter cookies that were delicious and some snickerdoodles that turned out horrible. You win some, you lose some.
3. Stay on Budget.  This is always such a hard one to come to  terms with, but I really think I did for the most part. I ended up splurging on a pair of Sperry duck boats that were majorly discounted after Christmas, but I was able to keep my present spending reigned in. Hoping I can have a majority of Christmas paid off by February.
4.  Keep Nails Painted.  Some how I managed this. A couple of weeks I straight up painted the same color over the previous week but they looked refreshed so win. I'm going to attempt to keep this goal up in January.
5. Brush cats weekly.  I did great the first two weeks, but failed the last two weeks. But in my defense, it got super cold, like negative degrees cold and most of my cats are spending their time burrowed under blankets anyway.

3/5 feels pretty solid, especially for December

January Small Goals 
1.  Read 5 Comics.  I've really been on a comic kick lately.  It's taking everything in my power not to order like 10 on amazon right now. The only thing holding me back is a small stack already on my coffee table. Time to blow through them so I can order some new material.
2. Workout Challenge.  I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a workout challenge. I've gotten even more routine about squeezing that workout in the in the mornings when I have to work. Something about having to work helps motivate me to workout.  I did 1,000+ sit ups last month and I routinely focus on arm workouts. So maybe a squat or flexibility challenge? I'm doing something!
3. Fabric Scraps.  I've been slowly going through my craft supplies. My interests have definitely changed a bunch since I first started crafting and some supplies are no longer relevant.  I have my fabric left now to sort through. My goal is to go through it, condense scrap fabric, cut blocks to make it usable in a quilt.  We could use another super light quilt for the summer and I would like to slowly work towards making one.  I haven't made one in well over 6 months which is the biggest quilt break I've taken since I've started.
4. Get to Goodwill.  So last month I hit up Goodwill and has such a successful experience. There was so many, brand new Target items and on top if that it was half price res tickets which was basically everything I bought. I have to point out I found 2 pair of brand new velvet leggings. I've already worn the crap out of both pair. Plus, they were only $2 each! Anyway, I'm obviously still riding that high and need to make another visit asap.
5.  Pay Off Credit Card.  Now that the holidays are over, it is time to come up with a game plan to pay off my credit card. I always just use it to buy all my Christmas presents and then I spend January sorting out how to pay it off. It's a fun game. As long as I stay on track, I should have it paid off mid January. Keep your fingers crossed nothing crazy happens to hinder these plans!

Heather's December Small Goals 
1. Drink more water I don't know, I didn't do great tracking this so I'm not sure if I drank more water or not. I do want to get better about this, but I think I need some kind of tracking system. If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them! 
2. Make a giant wedding to-do list  Done! I made one both on my computer and in a notebook so I have it in two places and can keep track of it all. I made the list then cried because I was overwhelmed so wedding planning is going great (seriously, I'm fine now but was overwhelmed for like 12 hours) 
3. Clear out extra room clutter I'm not done with this but made a HUGE dent in it, so I'm counting it! I need to buy a few storage solutions (a bike hanger and some cubes to keep crafts in) so I'm going to keep up with this over the next few months. 
4. Catch up on magazines  Nope. Adding this to my January list and making it more specific to help get it accomplished.  
5. Take lunch 4 times a week  Nope. I didn't really eat lunch that often, mostly surviving on coffee and RX bars from Trader Joes. So also not great. Taking my lunch is still something I want to do though! 

2/5 complete....not super great 

January Small Goals 
1. Track eating habits using MyFitnessPal I often under estimate the amount of food I'm eating, so tracking my meals in MyFitnessPal really helps me have a realistic picture of what I'm eating. I've done this before and noticed a huge change in energy when I am paying attention to the kinds of food I'm eating. It's a way for me to be more intentional with my body and food that works for me. 
2. Read 5 magazines I did some organizing over the long New Year's weekend and I have 4 piles of magazine that I need to read. My goal is to read at least 5 of them this month to hopefully make a dent in the piles. 
3. Spending freeze I've definitely been spending more than I should. My wedding is in 3.5 months and it's about time to finish paying off the venue, photographer, videographer, and buying those small things like flower girl dresses and wedding shoes. My goal is to not spend any money on clothes, books, makeup, ect. for this entire month. 
4. Do a 10x10 wardrobe challenge Along with the spending freeze and holiday organizing, I went through my wardrobe (again) and got two huge trash bags of things to donate (again). I want to try to make a few things in my wardrobe work that I don't wear often and I've seen other bloggers I admire have success with a challenge like this. I'd like to give this a try at some point this month. 10 items for 10 days shouldn't be too bad. 
5. Check 3 things off my wedding to-do list Again, I need to make some serious progress on wedding stuff so I want to knock 3 things off my to do list this month. It's pretty long and I would actually love to cross off more if I have time, but 3 feels like a solid place to start. 

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