Thursday, January 4, 2018

December Reading List

Heather's Reading List

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo
I picked up this book since I knew there was a movie based on it recently that was pretty terrible. I had no idea this was #10 in a series about detective Harry Hole. In this one, he investigates "The Snowman" a killer who strikes during the first snowfall of the year. This year he changes it up and multiple murders take place in succession. Even though this is a series, and there's some back story that I'm assuming is covered in previous novels, it wasn't hard to get into the story and I actually enjoyed the mystery of it all. I'm not sure what the movie got wrong since I haven't seen it, but despite having a ridiculous name, Harry Hole is one pretty good detective.

What Happened by Hilary Rodham Clinton
I listened to this audiobook over a few weeks. It's pretty long at almost 17 hours of listening time, but it was a joy to hear HRC read it. It covers a lot of ground from the 2016 election, both the preparation and the aftermath, to even her earlier career days and even a day in the life. I enjoyed her perspective, both on her loss and on her life, but did feel at times she was little unfair to Bernie Sanders. Maybe that's just the way it is when you a political rivals, but I do think HRC would have been one great president.

Grey by EL James
I really tried with this one. I absolutely loathe the 50 Shades of Grey series, but one of my favorite podcasts (Judging Book Covers) was doing an episode on this book so I figured I could give it a go for a laugh. But I couldn't even hate read it. It was that bad. I made it maybe 100 pages in before I had to call it quits for my sanity. This somehow makes 50 Shades even worse by giving Christian Grey's perspective, which is impressive because I already thought it was as bad as it could get.

It's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never After by Andi Dorfman
I love all things Bachelor/Bachlorette related. I had never seen Andi Dorfman's season but I always heard it was one of the best (also the first appearance of previous Bachelor Nick Viall). So I binged her season and loved Andi. She was so funny and smart and honest. I was excited to give this book a try, after being pleasantly surprised with Courtney Robertson's book which dished a lot of behind the scenes dirt. That was not the case with Andi's book, which kind of made me like her less. She came across as shallow and kind of mean in her book, which was written as a self help after a break up type deal. All of her "advice" was either common sense or just not great advice at all. Don't recommend this if you love Andi and want to keep liking her.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid 
This was our December book club choice and it was such a good book. It follows Monique, who is requested by movie star and icon Evelyn Hugo to write an authorized biography. She's coming clean about her life and her seven husbands. It was a book that gives you that glimpse into a controversial celebrity life, while also finding so much sympathy and heart. I cried more than once reading this and I think it even took the place as my new favorite Taylor Jenkins Reid book (knocking Maybe in Another Life from the top spot).  I cannot recommend this enough.

The Baker Street Peculiars by Roger Langridge
A comic book I picked up from the library on whim, this was such a delightful surprise! Three unlikely friends become assistants to Sherlock Holmes (who has a surprise or two as well!) and work together to solve the mystery of statues that are coming to life in London. I'm interested in grabbing the next in the series and following the adventures.

I Will Find You by Joanna Connors
My last book of 2017 and it was both hard and great. The author was raped on assignment for the paper she works for in 1984. She believes she has put the rape behind her and dealt with it. When he daughter is going off to college, she realizes that not only has she not dealt with it, but it has affected her entire life. It's colored how she was as a parent, a wife, friend, and reporter. This book is her search for who this man who raped her (he was caught and sentenced almost immediately after the rape) really was and tries to make sense of why a person would do this to a stranger. Powerful and moving, definitely one of the best books I read in 2017.

Jen's Reading List 

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart
This is the 2nd book I've read by E. Lockhart and I really love her writing style.  I'm not really sure how to explain it, but it's like she writes backwards or maybe she tells the story in reverse is a better way to describe it. I don't know, but it always hooks me.  I didn't love this one as much as her previous book, but I thought it was a interesting story about stealing someone's identity.

Lumberjanes Vol. 7 by Shannon Watters
Lumberjanes will forever be a favorite. This edition was probably their most inclusive one yet and for that it was probably my favorite. I mean, there was also the great storyline about magical kittens that was pretty spectacular too, but INCLUSION is such a big thing to me, that my heart literally almost exploded when I finished.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
This was our book club pick for December.  It's very much old Hollywood meets struggling writer. I've always very much been into old Hollywood stories. Bring on all the drama and secrets. Evelyn reminded me of an Joan Crawford type character and I was in love with her story immediately. Then you had Monique, who is going through some serious life changes of her own, and their two stories intertwine so hauntingly and very emotional.  This is hands down my favorite Taylor Jenkins Reid book.

I Am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton
The girls each picked out a comic for me.  Pusheen is an all time cute cat favorite of every cat lady. My phone case is Pusheen. I really enjoyed flipping through this one and seeing all the crazy shenanigans Pusheen gets into.

CatStronauts: Mission Moon by Drew Bockington
Man, this one was so silly and I loved it so much.  This was the other comic the girls picked out for me.  I mean, it's cats and space-so basically amazing. I have the next few books in the series in my amazon wishlist currently.

Archie Vol. 1: The New Riverdale by Mark Waid 
Yea, it's full of Archie/Riverdale mania with me right now. I've scored a tee and this comic lately.  It was so good and revamped in current times. It's so weird to read an Archie comic that is based in current times-with current pop culture references since all my past dealings have been vintage. Guys, it is taking ever bit of will power not to order the rest of this series ASAP.

Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer
I'm a big fan of Meyer's work. She has an entire fairy tale retelling series where all the fairy tale characters intermingle and are friends. This graphic novel series starts off where Winter left off.  It was extremely enjoyable and I'm glad I put off reading it for a bit because the next volume releases in the next couple of months.

Kristy's Great Idea (The Babysitter's Club Graphic Novels #1) by Raina Telgemeier & Ann M. Martin
Who doesn't remember the Babysitter's Club? Well, the story has been reinvented graphic novel style.  I bought the first 4 books of this series for Morgan for Christmas last year. She is very into comics at the moments and she gave it to me to borrow so we could discuss it.  I absolutely loved it. So far the story is staying true and I'm really loving reading one of my childhood favorites in graphic novel form. I can't wait to borrow the rest of the series from her.

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