Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cozy & Cool

Guys, it's cold as balls outside! Some days when we wake up, it's legit negative degrees outside. These sort of temperatures are bananas and I don't think either of us are fans. We both tolerate winter just fine, but this one is being pretty brutal from the start.  As you can tell, it's been hard for us to even schedule times to take photos. The only positive thing I have to say about it is that it inspired our latest outfit post - Cozy Outfits!

Full disclosure, I had this outfit planned in my head, but I didn't actually have time to try it on before meeting up with Heather.  (We were trying to beat some inclement weather!) I wasn't sure if it was even going to work. I just know I love my mom jeans and I've basically been living in long sleeved tees this winter so in my mind this outfit totally worked.  Plus I'm obsessed with Stranger Things and this outfit is very much inspired by that show.

I feel like this outfit would have fit into the show perfectly, including the school tee! Just very on brand for the time period. The only change I'd make (and it's currently in my wishlist) is swapping out the denim jacket for a Sherpa lined denim jacket, for coziness reasons obviously.  I'm hoping I can grab one on sale before winter is over!

I've become obsessed with long sleeved tees in general this winter.  I love me a sweatshirt, but sometimes I'm not into all the bulkiness and I can tend to get too warm in them in the office. These are the perfect compromise for me still feel warm without feeling too constricted when I'm trying to kick ass.  I recommend TeePublic for all your long sleeved tee needs, mostly because they run some killer $15 tee sales.  They have so many Stranger Things tees to choose from plus a pretty good collection of Riverdale tees, which is my most current obsession. Get over there!

Outfit Details
Tee {TeePublic} / Jeans {AE} / Denim Jacket {AE-last season} / Kicks {Zappos}

A few of my favorite bloggers always seem to have this amazing luck with Shein. For me, it can be a little more hit and miss. I've ordered things that were amazing and fit perfectly, then other times I get things that might fit a toddler or rip basically immediately. So when I went on a sadness shopping spree at Shein a few weeks ago (I'm totally an emotional shopper) I was not sure what I was going to get. Exciting and nerve wracking! 

I once again got a mixed bag of some great things and some awful things. But this coat/sweater/cardigan thing. JACKPOT. It's the most amazing thing I've ever felt. It's so soft and cozy. Literally I want to wear it all the time and I usually do. This outfit also gave me major Star Wars vibes the first time I wore it and I knew I wanted to recreate it on the blog. 

It's been so cold lately that outfit photos just haven't happened, but I'm so happy Jen and I threw on some cozy outfits and got to get some done. My leggings are lined with velvet, my boots are vintage, and my turtleneck is Target. All my favorite things rolled up into one warm and stylish outfit! 

Coat (Shein) / Turtleneck (Target) / Leggings (Amazon) / Boots (Longlines Vintage)  

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