Thursday, December 7, 2017

December Small Goals

Somehow it still doesn't feel like it's the last month of 2017. I think this was my personal hardest year as an adult. I struggled a lot but I feel like these past two months have given me hope that it's getting better and the struggle will be less (not completely gone because let's be real). I'm also not really feeling the holiday cheer as much this year as I usually do. Part of it is wedding planning is taking a huge chunk of our budget and I can't go as crazy with gifts this year as I normally do, though honestly, that might be good for me to not be so focused on buying all the things. Anyway, I'm ready to finish this year strong and see what 2018 has in store. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl (late, but whatevs) so go check out everyone's end of year goals! 

Jen's November Small Goals 
1. Reupholster my hope chest.  Done. It took a little husband manpower assistance but it's done and I love how much better it looks.
2. Catch up on Rat Queens comics.  Does buying them count? Probably not. I'm still working on this one.
3.  Hello Autumn Cube.  Ugh, nope. I have no excuses for this one since I literally  had all the supplies on hand. Whatevs, I'll get it done soon and store it for next year.
4.  Cross stitch ornaments. I started this project but I'm not making quick headway on it. I have zero holiday spirit this year (I guess it is just in the air) and am way more focused on keeping up with my monthly projects. I still intend to finish this, but maybe sometime next spring or something?
5.  Workout 3 days a week.  Yes! This was my main goal and I pretty much crushed it with the exception of Thanksgiving week. But let's be honest, we all cheat that week.

2/5--not so great but I'm glad I stuck with the working out goal since it was the one I was most concerned about.

December Small Goals 
1. Survive the holidays.  Like I mentioned, I'm not feeling the spirit much this year and I'm doubting I even make the effort to put up my tree. (Who am I?) My biggest goal with all the commotion is just to survive, hopefully with the least amount of stress.
2.  Bake Christmas Cookies.  Just because I'm not feeling the spirit, doesn't mean I'm not interest in eating some great holiday treats. At Christmas I super enjoy different fun cookies so I think I'll pick a few different recipes and go crazy. I'm sure I'll also bake my go to gooey butter cookies because what is a holiday without them?
3. Stay on Budget.  During the holidays, it can be so easy to go over budget on holiday stuff, especially gift giving to your favorite people. Anyway, this year I'm going to try my hardest to stay in budget so January isn't super stressful.
4.  Keep Nails Painted.  Guys, I'm back to chewing my nails and that's just recipe for sicknesses during this point of the year. Got to keep them painted so I keep them out of my mouth.
5. Brush cats weekly.  My cats are a mess and are the happiest with the most solid of routines. They love being brushed and I love the way they feel after they are brushed so I'm going to try to make it happen once a week for them.

Heather's November Small Goals 
1. Start my new job Yeah buddy! I love my new job, though I did have to fight a little bit of imposter syndrome around week 3. Everyone there is so cool and amazing and I was so worried they would figure out I'm a boring dork, but I guess if they wanted me to work there, I must be pretty cool and amazing too! 
2. Pay off two credit cards  Bummer, but no. This one is close and I am hoping I can do it by the end of the year. 
3. Make a Christmas list Done! And I've gotten almost everything bought for everyone. Yay! 
4. Host the Second Annual Friendsgiving Done! I got sick Thanksgiving night so I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but we did it! Jen made tiny pies that were super delicious and we got to hang out for a few hours. The perfect chill Friendsgiving. 
5. Finish my birthday goals list Done! I'm going to post it in the next few days and I'm actually super excited for it this year. 

4/5 goals AGAIN! Yaaaassss! 

December Small Goals 
1. Drink more water I've been living on large amounts of coffee lately and not hydrating enough. Someone at work said they set a timer to remind them to drink water so I might give that a try. 
2. Make a giant wedding to-do list  I haven't had to do any wedding planning for a few weeks, but the wedding is 4 months away and I need to actually start getting some stuff done. So the goal is list with dates and delegating need to happen this month. 
3. Clear out extra room clutter  I don't know how it happened but we have an extra bedroom that is so junked up with things that it's driving me crazy. I want to dedicate a weekend to organizing some of it if I can soon. 
4. Catch up on magazines  I have so many magazines that have piled up. I need to dedicate some time to reading them soon so I can make space. 
5. Take lunch 4 times a week  I used to be able to get away with not taking lunch at my old job because there was a micro kitchen with snacks. While my new job is so much more fulfilling now, there's no snacks and if I don't bring lunch, there's big risk of being talked into eating out, which I do not need. So meal planning and prepping needs to happen this month. 

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