Monday, November 6, 2017

November Small Goals

I feel like every month I start out by saying "How is it already _____ month?!" but seriously, how is this year almost over?! I'm ready for 2018, I think it's going to be a better year for me personally and I'm excited to see what change and growth I'm able to manifest in the coming year. We do still have some time to kick some small goal ass in 2017 so let's do this! As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so go check out all the other goal getters this month.

Jen's October Small Goals 
1. Carve a pumpkin.  Man, this month was bananas and I was just too worn out by Halloween weekend to get it done. Plus, it's irrational but I don't know if I can destroy a pumpkin. Ok, I finally said it.
2. Make a Fabric Backdrop.  Done. I finished this and several other decorations my sister requested. It was a whirl wind of a month.
3.  Buy Sanding Supplies. Not only did we buy the supplies, we sanded and primed the room. BOOM!
4.  Spending Lockdown. Ok, so real talk. I have a spending problem and cracked within the first week. I bought some new jeggings from Old Navy and few things from Forever 21 but I'm been on serious lockdown ever since and I just paid my credit card off and I have no intention of charging anything for a while. Eliminating a debt always feels so freeing.
5.  Workouts. Ugh, this month I felt so accomplished, but I didn't develop a great routine. The first week I did ok but then I just started feeling too busy and overwhelmed to continue. This one feels really disappointing.

2/5 - Man, that's not great but I still feel like I accomplished way more in October than I expected so I'm not going to be too hard on myself.
November Small Goals 

1. Reupholster my hope chest. So I have this pretty cool chest that lives at the end of my bed where I keep bed linens and whatnot.  It has a fabric covered top and the fabric is ripped and doesn't look very pretty.  I've already bought some fabric to replace it so I'm going to purpose to get that done this month.
2. Catch up on Rat Queens comics.  When I first started reading comics I just tried out a bunch of different styles and now I'm trying to go back and catch up on series of ones I really loved.  In August/September I did Squirrel Girl and in October I did Paper Girls. This month its going to be all about the Rat Queens.
3.  Hello Autumn Cube.  Last month I finished a smallish season cross stitch pattern that belongs to a set of patterns. I can get a little OCD about finishes sets of patterns the same way. I've already done Spring & Summer and turned them into fabric cubes and autumn's pattern has the same fate.
4.  Cross stitch ornaments.  December can get so crazy that it can be hard to have time to create any decorations to add in with your already growing collection. I try to craft a little something new each year to add with my Christmas stuff. Anyway, at the beginning of the year I made one cross stitch ornament and I loved how whimsical and on brand it looked so I'm going to try to pick a few pieces from previous patterns to turn them into ornaments. Crafty and thrifty! I promise to stop talking about cross stitch now.
5.  Workout 3 days a week.  I know! I sound like a broken record between working out and cross stitch but I really feel like getting a solid workout in a few days a week is really beneficial for mind and body. I can put a little time a side to get this done. I need it!

Heather's October Small Goals 
1. Figure out my new Style ID Done! I've settled on "Comfortable Start Up Chic" which I'm super in love with and feels like it fits perfectly for this time in my life. I've worked in a start up environment for a few years now and I like the way it marries casual with professional outfits, which is right where my style lives honestly. 
2. Finish knitting my sweater Nope. I ended up having to order some new needles for the sweater arms and progress has been slow. I'm hoping to get this finished by the end of the year. 
3. Make Halloween costumes for the girls (with Jen's help!) Yep! Jen did most of the work honestly, and the girls LOVED their Sailor Guardian costumes. Plus we got to spend a day crafting and eating cookies so it was a win/win/win in my book. 
4. Complete "Instagram for Success" course Done! While I don't plan to use my Instagram for business, I did get a lot of tips and tricks out of this course, so it was totally worth the small investment for it. 
5. Do all the fall things  I don't know if I did all the fall things, but I did a lot of them. We drank cider most nights, carved pumpkins, watched horror movies almost every night, went on some hikes. It was perfect. 


November Small Goals 
1. Start my new job Guys, I feel like I've been searching for a new job forever and I finally landed one! This might seem like an easy goal, but I'm nervous and excited to move on and try something new. 
2. Pay off two credit cards I've got a few credit cards and I'm wanting to pay them off by the end of the year. I'd like to knock two of them out this month if I can. 
3. Make a Christmas list I'm a list maker and I need to start planning my gifts for this year for the girls, Jarrett, Jen, ect. so I have a plan and am not scrambling last minute. 
4. Host the Second Annual Friendsgiving Last year we had a small Friendsgiving and it was so fun! I want to have another one this year so fingers crossed we can make it happen! 
5. Finish my birthday goals list I make yearly goals on my birthday and I'm hoping to try something new with it this year. I need to firm up my goals by the end of the month (I cannot believe I'm about to be 31!)


  1. Love reading both of your goals (and wishing I could see the Sailor Scout costumes! How cool! Which scouts were they?) Congrats on the job!

  2. Heather, congrats on the new job! And way to rock October's goals.

    Jen, I totally understand having a month of accomplishment that had nothing to do with your goals. I think progress is good regardless of how much it sync's with that month's goals.

    Good luck to both of you in November!

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