Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Small Goals

Happy October one and all! My favorite month is here and it already feels like there's not enough time to fit in all the spooky things I want to do. I still need to get pumpkins and put up my Halloween decorations. I feel like September was not my best month and I'm looking forward to a fresh start with the crisp air. Jen basically kicked ass on her September goals, putting me to shame with my 2 goals accomplished. But it's a new month and I'm motivated to get stuff done. So let's get to it! As always, check out all the other small goals at the link up by Nicole at Writes Like a Girl.

Jen's September Small Goals 
1.  Clean out Long Sleeve Shirt Drawer.  I one upped this goal and also tackled my closet. I donated 2 very large trash bags worth of stuff and I don't feel quite done with this latest purge yet. Better but not done.
2.  Decorate for Fall.  Crushed this goal. The inside of my house has been decorated for fall since Labor Day.  I've been holding off on the outdoor stuff (just so I don't look like the neighborhood crazy lady) but I think the first weekend of October it's coming out!
3. Stay Caught Up.  I really expected to fail at this goal BUT I'm all caught up on both yearly cross stitch projects and I've almost finished the new Halloween "Black Hat Society" piece. Hell, it might be finished by the time this is posted.
4. Buy Fall Clothing Fabric.  This is the goal I failed at. There has been so much going on lately--my sister eloped and we are planning a reception and I managed to finish mudding the drywall--y'all I've been busy.  I've also spent a considerable amount on new fall duds and didn't have the extra for fabric--oops.
5.  Find a Chunky Black Belt.  During my splurges I made sure to pick up a black belt. I found one with embroidered flowers on it which is very trendy and fun.

4/5-I basically destroyed my goals this month and I'm just as shocked as you are.

October Small Goals 
1. Carve a pumpkin.  I always have the best intentions to do this every year but then I get lazy or I start to feel bad about cutting up my pumpkins and I never follow through. It's happening this year!
2. Make a Fabric Backdrop.  So as I mentioned, my sister eloped and we are planning a reception is about a months time and it's bananas! Anyway, I've been enlisted in making a fabric backdrop for her dessert bar since they have ditched all traditions.  This means I need to order fabric and complete this project super quickly!
3.  Buy Sanding Supplies. I've been the most obnoxious about my drywall accomplishments but I seriously feel like a magician. Anyway, this month my goals is to at least buy all the supplies necessary to get the sanding portion done.  This is going to be a crazy month with the reception planning so I'm not going to be super strict on home remodeling progress.
4.  Spending Lockdown. I ordered a bunch of new fall clothes the last weekend of September so I guess I decided to use all my October funds early and will be spending the majority of the month paying off those purchases. Completely worth it, obviously.
5.  Workouts. I've been so sporadic with my workouts basically all summer and can really tell it. I've gone up a pants size and I'm just not loving it. My arms have gotten plenty of working out (thank you drywall) but my core and legs could use a good burn. It's just so hard to balance everything in life, but I'm making it a legit goal again.

Heather's September Small Goals 
1. Ramp up my exercise Unfortunately, all my plans to hit up Crossfit with my aunt fell through. I do still want to do this so I'm hoping to make it happen in October. 
2. Hit my work metrics  I'm not sure? Our system we use to track them is down, and while I *think* I hit most of them, I'm pretty sure I'm still not hitting my availability goal.  
3. Say "yes" to the dress I ended up having to push my dress shopping Chicago trip back to December, but I'm going the weekend of my birthday so I'm totally fine that this didn't happen yet! 
4. Finish up wedding DIY list  Done! Now to just get started on it. 
5. Read 5 books  Done! I almost thought I might fail this one. I was in a major book slump for the first part of the month but I managed to get this done just in time. 

Only 2/5 done this month 

October Small Goals 
1. Figure out my new Style ID I've been s l o w l y making my way through the Feel Good, Dress Better workbook and I've been really loving the Facebook group that you get to join when you buy it! It's been nice to be inspired by all kinds of stylish ladies, and lately Style IDs has recently been a hot topic. I've been thinking about mine a lot and I'd like to nail down exactly what it is. 
2. Finish knitting my sweater I've been knitting a sweater since April and I made this huge mistake of not following the pattern correctly and accounting for arm holes. I was literally devastated since I can't undo all my work and I don't want to start over, so I'm going to try and figure out a way to make it work without the arm holes I was supposed to make. Beer me strength everyone. 
3. Make Halloween costumes for the girls (with Jen's help!) The girls have their hearts set on being Sailor Guardians for Halloween this year so with Jen's help, we are going to sew them some costumes! 
4. Complete "Instagram for Success" course I purchased this course not that long ago after seeing it suggested on another blog I read. I want to make some time to go through it and see if there's anything I can apply to my account, which I don't plan to use for business but wouldn't mind getting some tips on anyway. 
5. Do all the fall things I love fall and the weather is starting to feel like fall. I'd like to hit up a pumpkin patch, drink all the pumpkin spice drinks, wear sweaters, go on some hikes, and all the good things that come with fall. 

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  1. Jen - We always paint our pumpkins, not only don't you have to worry about sharp cutting instruments, they last a lot longer if they aren't cut open. Good job with the Sept goals!

    Heather - Yes! Do all the fall things. It's my favorite season and a bunch of us girls are going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. YOu forgot to list apple cider donuts on your list though. They are a fall must have! ;)

    My Sept Wrap Up and October Goals, if you want to take a look: http://books.thetechchef.net/september-wrap-up-and-october-goals/