Saturday, October 28, 2017

Finally Fall

Oh fall, where art thou? Missouri weather is forever disappointing. We were basically pretending it's fall around here and them BAM helllllllo 30 degrees. Like as I write this I'm wearing a Casper hoodie and I'm wrapped in a quilt. I don't understand it and I don't love it; but the warm temps haven't stopped me from trying to make use of my fall wardrobe anyway.   

Mixing prints isn't my normal jam. I always love it when I see it on others or in magazine but every time I put something together I feel like it's a full on Monet.  But I absolutely loved the pairing of these patterns together and I think this outfit has been improved from my previous versions of it. This outfit has all my favorite things, stripes and florals and booties and socks. I've really been into using socks more in my outfits this fall and not just because of the chilly mornings.

I have naturally curly hair but I don't love it because its a big ole mess so I spend a lot of time straightening it in ways that would make Jennifer Aniston proud.  But lately I've been trying out some waves to mix up those straight days because to quote Nikki Glaser, "I'm not fucking Jennifer Aniston" nor will I ever look as good with stick straight hair as she does. Paraphrasing of course.

Urban Outfitters isn't a brand I shop a ton of mostly because I'm not quite cool enough. But I'm still on their emailing list and I'm constantly ogling things so when this went on sale I decided  to be brave. UO is basically my Delias from the 90s. Super cute stuff but just a tad out of my price range. I really love this dress. It gives me all the 90's witch vibes and I actually feel like a cool teen in it which is basically my biggest life goal. Plus it has pockets, y'all know how important that is to me.

Bodysuit {Forever 21-simlar} / Dress {Urban Outfitters} / Boots {Qupid}

While the title of this blog is "Finally Fall" I think Missouri skipped over it completely because it was cold as heck when I was walking the two blocks from my parking spot to my office this morning. Even so, I think fall outfits are my favorite to style. This jean jacket I snagged on Poshmark a few months ago has been in heavy rotation for weeks now. I never thought I'd love a denim jacket so much but it's so easy to make an outfit look put together when I throw it on. 

I've also been making my way through the Feel Good, Dress Better workbook and have been struggling to find my new Style ID. I think I've finally settled on "Comfortable Start Up Chic". It popped into my head one day and since I work at kind of a large company with a start up feel, I felt like it definitely encompasses where I'm at right now. I want to look put together but comfortable at work and most of my wardrobe can double as work/weekend wear anyway. I feel pretty good about this Style ID, but I'm open to tweaks as well. 

These pants are my new favorite thing. Jarrett said I looked like I was going to karate when I went to meet Jen for blog photos, but what does he know about ~fashion~ anyway? I love this whole look and it makes me feel confident yet stylish and cool. Also, how dope is this shirt from Everyday Unicorns by Valery Brennan? I have it in both black and white, v-neck and crew neck. What can I say, I like tshirts and I like options and I love when they have a feminist message. 

Outfit Details
Jacket {Poshmark} / Tshirt {Everyday Unicorns} / Pants {Zara} / Shoes {similar

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