Monday, September 18, 2017

Pre-Engagement Family Photos

At the beginning of August, my wonderful friend Grace was in town for a few days. See, I call her my FFTW (Friend From the Womb) because our moms were friends when they were pregnant with us and our birthdays are only two weeks apart. She's my oldest friend, one I count as family, and I remember her being there with me through all of the ups and downs of growing up. Her mom is someone I count as an "extra' mom and I was so happy we got some time to catch up in person recently. The last time we were together in person was 3 years ago, right before I started dating Jarrett. 

I was so excited for my friend to meet my fiancĂ© and I kind of talked her into taking some "engagement" photos/family photos while she was here. We decided to take them in the State Park close to our house. It's a place we spend a lot of time in, hiking and hanging out. It's where my high school graduation party was and where we had the celebration of life for my mom. This little park holds a lot of memories for me and for us. 

I love Grace's dreamy, gritty style so I knew that whatever she was able to capture would be magic and I was so right. These are the first photos someone else has taken of me and the girls since they were 2 so I was really happy to get some photos that aren't selfies. We also have engagement photos coming up since it comes in the package we chose with our photographer, so these are perfect as photos to have before that. Especially since I needed to order Save the Dates and wouldn't get the photos from the other session in time. 

I'm so thankful for friends like Grace and for these photos. At first, I felt a little self conscious, since I wasn't feeling very cute, but I love the emotions she was able to capture. I've actually lost about 10 pounds since these photos were taken, and while I'm not one to say I *need* to be thinner, I think I will feel more like myself in the next session. That doesn't mean these photos won't always be special to me, or that they won't be hung up all over our house, because they totally will be! So here are all my favorites from this session. 

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