Monday, September 25, 2017

Power Outfits

Hey friends! Summer is almost over and I'm finally ready to let it go. This summer has been so weird style wise.  Both of us have been in our own style funks this season for differing reasons.  Even though they are such differing reasons, we've both been very empathetic of each other's funks.  Heather had the fun idea of showcasing some power outfits. Outfits that makes us feel like powerful babes who can conquer the world!

As y'all know, I'm super into cross stitch. I've been following The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery girls since 2012 (I can't believe it's been that long!).  Their little business has grown SO MUCH and now on top of the hippest patterns you'll find, they are branching out and designing enamel pins.  Y'all know pins are my jam and the pumpkins are collectors too so its just so damn fitting. Anyway, this pin sold out in less than 10 minutes, but like a crazy person I set an alarm and was able to snag it!

I think my funk might be all in my head and is wrapped around the word professionalism. I think my main funk has been in my work wear on days that I want to come off as casual professional.  I've had a shift in my style where I'm just feeling more casual overall. I still secretly wish I could wear graphic tees and jeggings everyday. Even though I'm sure I could get away with it most days, internally I feel down that I'm coming off too casual and not professional enough. I've been trying to shift my style to wear something casual, yet professional, on days that are strictly work days and saving my more dressy outfits for appointment days.  I think this overall scheme works out pretty ok but now I feel dissatisfied with my current collection of "casual yet professional" tops. Since I've been on a graphic tee kick for the last year, it feels like that is where my main focus has been and I haven't bought as many stylish pieces. Guys, my casual weekend wear is on lock but I feel like I'm floundering on the casual professional front.

So now I kind of want to overhaul my entire wardrobe. Is that too intense of a reaction? I've tried wading through the ridiculous ocean that is my closet to pull out some of the stuff that is no longer my style. This is such a hard process, I don't care how many style books are available, it's still so hard to part with things you once love or still deem cute.  The emotional attachment I have to clothes is ridiculous and unexplainable. I recently did a preliminary clean out and got rid of so much stuff but I still feel like progress can be made. I'm also trying to force myself to wear some of the older stuff to force myself to face whether it is a piece I need to keep or not. I think the overall goal is to only have things in my closet I absolutely love instead of only kind of liking.  Guys, I've been a big ole mess lately, maybe the 30s are to blame?!

Anyway, back to power outfits! This was such a fun and unique theme. Power outfits can be so different per person and so dependent on moods too. Lately I've felt the most confident in my vintage outfits.  I snagged both the vest and shorts over the summer on shopping apps. I didn't really expect both pieces to work so well together, but they really do.  This outfit reminds me of something my mom would have worn in the 90s but it also feels grown up and professional enough for the office.  I think the hat bumps it up a notch too and I always wish for more excuses to wear a hat. This is an outfit I could wear on repeat.

Outfit Details 
Vest {Mercari} / Shorts {Mercari} / Sandals (American Eagle) / Hat (Shein) / Pin (The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery)

So if you've been reading this blog lately, you might know I've talked a lot about my struggles with my weight, especially in relation to grief and depression, and how I struggle to be body positive when I don't feel in sync with my body. It's hard to be excited about getting dressed when none of your clothes fit like they used to and you don't feel like yourself when you look in the mirror. It's a struggle to feel like your weight defines you and is tied to 

Then this jumpsuit came into my life. It's something I wasn't sure would work on me. It has wide legs, it's soft material, and it has bra cups, which can be hit or miss on larger chests. Then I tried it on and my whole life changed. I feel incredible when I wear this! It's flattering, it has pockets, I don't have to wear a bra, and it's comfortable. I've worn it to birthday parties, weddings, and date nights. The only think I need to change is maybe hemming the bottoms a little since they tend to drag on my short frame. 

Having an outfit that makes me feel this way has been such a life saver during my summer of body negativity. I'm finally feeling like I'm in a better place. I've been running and tracking calories (in an attempt to be healthier) and I can finally fit into my jeans again. Summer is the worst season to feel out of sync with your body and I will always be grateful I found this jumpsuit that makes me feel as powerful as Beyonc√©. 

Outfit Details 
Jumpsuit {Target} it's on sale! / Sandals {Target} These were actually on clearance in stores for $7 recently too! 

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