Sunday, August 6, 2017

June Rewind

Full disclosure: I just realized this was sitting in our drafts, so I went ahead and posted it, even though our July rewind will drop tomorrow morning. Enjoy all our favs from June a little late!

The new Giant Days debuted in June and I immediately devoured it. It's my absolute favorite and I wish the frequency of releases could increase. I also read Fireworks by Katie Cotugno mostly because it felt like a seasonal read and I like it pretty ok.

GLOW! If you haven't caught this show on Netflix yet, postpone your life and binge. It's full of strong ass wrestling broads who aren't afraid to throw a cunt punch or two. Wrestling reminds me so much of roller derby which I'm obsessed with. I've also randomly started the original Beverly Hills 90210 and am currently getting a majority of my fashion inspiration from these very experienced teens.

Chris D'Elia has a new comedy special on Netflix. I always remember the fun fact that he is Justin Bieber's favorite comic. Anyway it was pretty ok. I would also recommend the Stand-ups - a comedy series on Netflix. It's a mash up of several different half hour stand-ups. It was pretty greattttttttt.

Also this month 
Discovered Poshmark
I know I'm late to the game which is pretty on brand for me but I'm pretty into this amazing app. I bought a couple pair of vintage shorts and a pair of acid wash jeggings and I feel kind of addicted to searching for vintage treasures. I'm hoping to gain the courage to attempt to sell some of my cast aways.

Garment making continues
So I haven't really lost any steam in the sewing department. I made a couple of skirts and a dress this month. My new goal is to do some refashioning from thrift store finds. Already got my first refashion all planned out and thrifted. I just need to buy the additional supplies.

I used to write stories all the time. Until recently I haven't really had any ideas but I've been tossing an idea around my brain for a bit and I feel like I'm getting closer to putting a pin to paper or at least start making notes on my phone. I know this is super vague and dream like but I feel like coming up with a solid idea is worth celebrating. 

This month was all about the library books. Highlights of my reading binge would be Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway, Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud by Elizabeth Greenwood, and South and West by Joan Didion. All were completely different but held my attention. I'm on a real Joan Didion kick lately and can't wait to pick up some more reads by her soon. 

The month of the binge watch! I am going back to work at the beginning of July (probably by the time you read this) so I tried to finish up as many tv series I've been watching on Netflix. I was able to catch up on Pretty Little Liars before the finale so I could watch it with my sister. I also started and finished The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and season 5 of Orange is the New Black. I loved them all so much, but I think Kimmy Schmidt really hit it out of the park this season (I still have "Boobs in California" stuck in my head). 

I haven't been listening to much this month, but I'm cleaning I love to throw on a podcast. This month has been all about My Brother, My Brother, and Me with the hilarious McElroy brothers. It took me awhile to get to this podcast, but I have been working my way back through the extensive catalogue of episodes. They constantly make me laugh out loud. The answer listener questions and also read Yahoo Answers questions that can be pretty bonkers. Definitely my new favorite find. 

Also this month
 Wedding Venue booked 
After spending hours researching and one weekend looking at places, we ended up booking a venue that was not on my original list at all. Thanks to Instagram, I found a really cool art gallery in a neat part of St. Louis. The street it's on is a place we spent a lot of time as a couple at the beginning of our relationship so that gives it a little something extra as well. It was definitely a place that we walked into and both felt like "this is it." I might blog about the process a little more, but we will see. 

 Feminist Literary Society meeting 
I've been a member of the St. Louis chapter of the Feminist Literary Society book club since January. Every month I read the assigned books but I have never made it to a meeting. In June I decided that I needed to get out of my comfort zone more so I went to the June meeting and it was such a great decision! I had a blast discussing The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood and met some cool new ladies. I'm really looking forward to the July meeting now too. 

The girls first Cards game 
Jarrett is a huge baseball fan and I'm a huge fan of eating overpriced nachos, so we finally took the girls to their first St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. They loved it! We had nachos and sat in the nosebleeds but it was pretty fun. They thought the mascot Fredbird was hilarious and are still thinking of ways they can meet him. I can't wait to take them again this summer. 

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