Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Trends and Confidence

Hey friends! In Missouri, where the weather can extremely change in the course of minutes, I feel like we are always trying to predict the weather and completely failing. I'd heard fall was going to be super warm and late this year, but someone else I've talked to had heard completely different that it would be coming early for the Midwest but late for the west coast? IDK, what is going on, but it's only like 70 today with no sun so I kind of feels like fall which I'm always cool with, yah know? Basically, fall is always our jam but I think it's safe to say Heather and I aren't quite ready to embrace fall weather quite yet.  We both have some great summer wardrobes we are still rocking.

Lately, I've become a sucker for trends. I don't know if its because I'm becoming more immersed with being a fashion blogger and want to be up to date on all the cool things or if it just helps me feel young by embracing new things? IDK, but man, my love for trends is growing and growing. This spring/summer a couple of big trends have been funky sleeves and block heeled slides. I jumped straight into both trends and I could see them both sticking around for a few seasons. I've never been much of a heels person but block heels really make heels so much more manageable. I've bought at least 3 pair of sandals. I also have started doing just a bit of fall shopping and found 2 pairs of block heels on sale in more of a fall/winter style of shoe.  Different sleeve styles are fun and can really transform a look from sporty to girly and romantic. I usually always pair this jumper with a striped shirt and converse so I feel trends help push my style into directions I wouldn't normally push it myself.

We took these pictures back in June (I think...July was a crazy month ya'll) and it's almost surprising to me how confident I look wearing this outfit.  I probably struggle the most with my confidence, especially in social situations, so it's nice to see confidence actually shining through.  I'm sure that is partly to do with it only being the two of us during outfit shoots and I feel the most comfortable with Heather but I would like to think I own part of that confidence. Dressing loud, so to speak, or wearing outfits that aren't necessarily mainstream, tends to draw attention which can be good and bad for my shy heart. It helps me interact with people I wouldn't normally while pulling me out of my little protective shell which I cling to at times.  But sometimes that attention is unwanted and can make me feel slightly defensive about my personal style. 

I also have issues with my confidence with my personal style among my peers. I will forever be comparing my outfit to the all the peers around me which tends to make me even more indecisive about picking out my outfit. I'm trying super hard to stop comparing myself and my style to others and to just own my style. This is easiest on the weekends at home with my husband or hanging with my bestie. I'm always a work in progress.

Outfit Details
Top {H&M} / Jumper {Forever 21-similar} / Slides {Forever 21-only available in black} / Cactus Purse {Forever 21-sold out} 

The weather has cooled down so much since we took these photos in maybe June? It's been awhile y'all. I'm currently enjoying having my windows open until it decides to heat back up. This outfit was kind of a surprise for me. I don't usually tuck in my tops and haven't worn a mini skirt since 2009 so I was pleasantly surprised by how cool I felt in this. I also loved how flattering it ended up being. I love the way clothes can change your mood.  I've been in a little bit of a confidence drought lately. I have been eating like crap, which makes me feel like crap, and at 30 the weight just doesn't fall off the way it used to. For me, it's been important to focus on loving my body and realizing that eating better and exercising is a form of self care. I'm not losing weight because I hate my body but because I love it and I want to treat it right. 

No matter how I feel at times, I think it's super important to always project incredible self love for my children. They love to poke my "squishy" stomach and arms, but I always just try to tell them how cool it is that our bodies are all different but are capable of amazing things. I was talking with some friends recently about how crazy it is that we absorb things from our parents that carry over into adulthood and usually it's body hangups. It's so important to me that my kids celebrate all bodies and love the one they have, no matter what. 

Loving my body is a work in progress. Something I'm working at constantly, and often feels like a "fake it 'til you make it" kind of deal. But I love myself and I love the way I look in this outfit. I love expressing myself with the clothes I wear. So here's to celebrating our bodies and loving every second of it. I already feel kind of jazzed after this pep talk. I'll be here all week! 

Outfit Details 
Tank {Target} / Skirt {AE} / Shoes {Forever 21} / Singlasses {Ban.do

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