Thursday, August 3, 2017

August Small Goals

HEY HI HELLO HOW IS IT ALREADY AUGUST? I accidentally hit caps lock but I'm still shocked by how fast July went by so I'm leaving it. I feel like I just decided on small goals and then the month was over and I completely forgot to look to see what any of them were. So here we are. I got a pretty decent amount done even without consciously remembering to keep up on them so I'm happy. I went back to work this month and I feel like I spent the entire month just recalibrating my life to being on a work schedule again. I do think I've got a good handle on it now so I am hoping that August has a much better work/life balance. So let's dive in and get to the goals y'all. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so def. go check out the other goals that some cool ladies are working on. 

Jen's July Small Goals 
1.  Make a jumper.    Jumper is cut out and ready to be sewn together. This month reallllly got away from me.
2.  Go thrifting.   I took a week off in early July and my sister happened to be off too so we had a thrifting day. I found some great brand new jumpsuits from target and a sweet pair of 90s printed denim shorts that are legit my favorite thing right now.
3.  Graphic tee freeze.  Man, I did so good on this one, up until the last couple of days of the month. There was a couple of sales and a very stressful couple of works weeks so I splurged.  I only bought 2 and they were on sale so I think I'm counting this goal completed. Feel free to throw shade my way, I don't care.
4.  Squirrel Girl catch-up.  Soooo, I ordered what I thought was all the remaining volumes just to discover there was one I was unaware of.  I've ordered the missing volume and I reread the first 2 volumes so I'm on the right track to crush this goal in the nest couple of days. This is my main priority this week so goal crushed.
5. Desk quilt.  Ummmm, didn't do great with my crafty goals this month. I did get most of the top finished but I need to add a top and bottom boarder. I'm not giving this one a completed yet, because that would be literally cheating.

So 3/5 kinda, sorta completed goals. Don't nit pick me. :)

August Small Goals 
1. Finish Jumper/Desk Quilt.  I'm combining the two goals I didn't complete last month into one goal to hopefully knock out this month. Wish me luck!  I'm also pledging to not start any new projects this month. The starts and finishes are so sweet but the follow through can be hard.
2. Organize Fall Clothing Sewing Projects.  I can't believe how fall is creeping in and I'm actually not even close to ready for it but I am ready to start planning my fall clothing projects.  This month I'm going to try to organize/figure out what my sewing priorities should be for my fall wardrobe. Hopefully I'll purchase a pattern or some fabric to get the ball rolling.
3.  Catch up on Yearly Cross-stitch projects.  I don't know what happened exactly, but most of this month I've felt completely burned out stitching wise. I've done such a great job this year staying caught up on both my samplers and this month I've fell behind. We are entering a new month so new installments are coming and I know holiday projects will be right around the corner so staying caught up feels like a must. 
4. Drywall.  So basically since we bought our house (8 years ago) we've been in a constant state of remodeling, a huge project my husband started. He has decided he hates mudding drywall. I get it, it sucks. However this project has been at a standstill for months....probably years.  My goal is to get the mudding finished to the point we can use the texturizing tool to help cover my imperfections (literally learning as I go). My husband has kind of dropped the ball but at the same time I need to own up to my responsibility to the project. Any helpful hints are more than appreciated.
5.  Clean out Short-Sleeve Shirt Drawer.  I feel like I'm in a constant state of cleaning things out and purging. I was trying to find a shirt yesterday and literally had to dump the entire contents of the drawer out and so many things I saw I am just over so hopefully I can squeeze this in one evening after work out something!

Heather's July Small Goals 
1.  Say yes more This one was hard to qualify but I'm going to say I did it. I joined a Women's planning team at work to plan women centric events, I continued to go to feminist book club, and I've stuck to plans I had with friends. 
2.  Get laptop repaired  Fail. I ran out of time and money to get this done. For now my work laptop will have to continue to pull double duty. 
3.  Yoga 2x a week and Zumba 1x a week  While I did work out semi-consistently, I didn't always stick to this schedule. Zumba classes are hard to get to now that I'm back at work. 
4.  Book 2-3 more wedding vendors So I'm counting this even though I don't have the booking officially done. But I do have some consultations set up with a photographer and caterer in the next few weeks, plus I'm in email contact with a few others. So while I don't have solid bookings, I am working on it pretty consistently. 
5. Celebrate my mom We did it! My sisters and I bought a biodegradable urn and planted a tree with my moms cremains. It was simple but beautiful. It was so powerful to be together and to be able to have this symbolic ceremony with my sisters. 

3/5 goals accomplished 

August Small Goals 
1.  Stick with Couch to 5K I have gained about 15 pounds over the past few months and it's gotten to the point where I'm just not comfortable in my clothes anymore. I started C25K this week and I am meal planning so I'd like to stick with this instead of giving up in week 2 like I usually do 
2.  Do some car maintenance  My poor car. I commute a total of 2 hours a day and it's been so neglected. I need an oil change, my registration needs to be renewed, and it needs a good deep clean too. I might have to replace at least one tire so this needs to be my priority this month. 
3.  Buckle down on my budget  We just paid a large deposit for our wedding venue (plus alcohol since we are paying for some open bar time!) and I had to pay off a fairly large personal debt with most of my emergency fund so I need to buckle down and save as much as I can, especially since we have a trip coming up Labor Day weekend and I'm wedding dress shopping in Chicago at the end of September. AHH! 
4.  Go floating  I haven't been floating on the river in like 3 years. I'd like to try and plan a time to at least go with Jarrett once before the summer is over. Maybe even a girls float trip? Idk but I want it to happen! 
5.  Finish putting together bridesmaid gifts  The most time sensitive of goals, since I have a bridesmaid's brunch planned this weekend for all my local bridesmaids to meet and I have not even started on this. So hi I'm about to spend this week doing some major friend crafting (ACT SURPRISED JEN!) 

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