Friday, July 21, 2017

Kickin it Freestyle

Hey friends! Sorry we've been pretty silent lately. First I took a week off work and then the following week I had a lot going on at work and felt super overwhelmed, emotional, unbalanced and just not myself.  When I'm not feeling myself, I become even more reclusive than I normally am (which is A LOT). This week I'm feeling pretty great mentally, so hopefully we can get back to consistently posting again.

A few weeks ago, Heather and I got together to do some outfit shoots and we were extreme willy nilly with picking themes so we just decided to do a couple of free styling shoots. Free styling is always so fun, there are no guidelines and we each pick an outfit we our feeling with little discussion between the two of us.  Our picks always end up being very different and I think it really helps showcase our individual styles even more.

I chose one of my favorite rompers to style. Rompers really are one of my favorite summer outfits. It gives the illusion you are wearing a dress, but you don't have to worry about being lady like with your actions.  Rompers bring me alllll kinds of confidence.  They make me feel fancy and comfy all in one go, plus they really do help keep you cool when it's like 100 degrees out.  I have a weird hang up about showing too much leg at work, but I'm working on it. It's just too damn hot for lots of fabric right now.

Rompers also immediately take me back to being a kid in the 90s, romping around.  Like most things 90's, it gives me mad nostalgia and I instantly need it.  I've been honing my summer 90's style even more lately with the addition of several pair of mom shorts which give me more confidence to wear shorts at work since they are sooooo long, even when you roll the legs. I think the feelings of "modest work wear" come from the attitudes I receive from people when I'm not dressing according to their version of professionalism. Like I don't know my shit or something just because of what I'm wearing.

Outfit Details
Romper {Forever 21-last season} / Mules {Forever 21-sold out}

Like Jen said, July has kind of been kicking our asses. I went back to work after 12 weeks of leave so it's been a huge adjustment getting used to working and commuting again. I work in a call center which can be incredibly mentally draining. My first week back I basically did nothing besides work, commute, and veg out on the couch. As the month winds down I feel like I'm finding my groove and motivation again. It's been really interesting to see the difference in where I was when I went on leave and how I feel now. I'm doing good, feeling like myself again, heck maybe even better than I was before. 

I have to admit, after I posted about trying Lularoe leggings a few months ago,  I kind of got obsessed and hooked. I was buying things all the time and then turning around and reselling them on Poshmark when the buyers remorse hit and I realized not everything works on my body. It's interesting since it's a company that develops clothes based on modesty, which is not something I would usually say describes my style. A lot of it is really soft and comfortable, like this dress and tee. It's hard to see but the tee has cats on it so obviously I was going to own it. This whole outfit is my jam and feels very "me". It makes me realize the good things about Lularoe (but I need to remember the downside, which is the price point isn't always worth it to me). One of my good friends is just getting started with selling Lularoe, and while I'm so proud of her for trying something new, my wallet and wannabe minimalist tendencies are keeping me from buying any more right now. 

I've been slowly making my way through Nicole's Feel Good, Dress Better workbook and this outfit feels like something that I wouldn't have tried without that guiding me. I'm so excited to dive even deeper into it this weekend. 

Outfit Details 
Mustard Dress {Lularoe Carly} / Shirt {Lularoe Classic Tee} / Shoes {Forever 21} 

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