Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July Small Goals

June is already over and we are sliding into the back half of the year. June has been one of the best months I've had this year. If you read my post about taking leave from my job, you know I've struggled a lot in the past year. I've finally turned this corner where I feel happy and healthy, which makes all the difference in the world. June was such a fun month. It finally felt like summer and I fit so much in that it flew by. I think summer is shaping up to be the best yet and I have so many fun plans lined up. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so go check out all the small goals. 

Jen's June Small Goals
1. Frame my 2016 Cross Stitch Project. I literally completed this goal on the last day of the month.  It's even been hung too so it feels like a double accomplishment.
2. Wear Sandals. Man, this one was way easier than I expected it to be. I basically destroyed this goal.
3. Make 2 Garments. Gah! This month flew by and I can hardly remember what I did. I'm pretty sure I made a skirt and I remade my romper. I also made half a dress-the other half I finished just a couple of days into July. Guys, I think I'm counting this one.
4.  Morning Routine. If a morning routine consists of waking up, reading for a spell and getting ready for work, then I completed this goal. However, that wasn't exactly what I was going for so fail.
5.  Join a Sew Along.  Fail, fail, fail! I literally didn't even think about this one.  I must plan out crafty goals wayyyy better.

3/5 is a pretty successful month!

July Small Goals 
1.  Make a jumper.  I have a vintage, 80's-90's jumper sewing pattern that I'm pretty gaga about. I've already ordered the fabric so I'm making this the goal. Hopefully having all my supplies on hand will ensure I complete this crafty goal.
2.  Go thrifting.  It's no secret I'm always into deals and bargains. I've lately have become obsessed with highwaisted mom shorts and have bought a couple of pair of poshmark and ebay.   I feel like these items would be a ton more economical if they were found in the wild instead of someone catering to me specifically online. Thrifting and patience is the goal.
3.  Graphic tee freeze. Guys, the other day when I was putting my laundry away, I noticed my graphic tee drawer is almost full and I still have a couple of outstanding tee orders I'm expecting to arrive later in the month. I need to chilllllll. Time for a break before Halloween tees are tempting the shit out of me.
4.  Squirrel Girl catch-up.  So Squirrel Girl is hands down my favorite super hero but I'm a little behind on the series and I'm ready to make it a priority to catch up.  I try to interject "Eating Nuts and Kicking Butts" as often as I can.
5. Desk quilt.  Ok, so this isn't a quilt I cuddle with at my desk at work, although that sounds seriously amazing. The back of my desk is meant to butt up against a wall but my office set up doesn't allow that. The back is unfinished and unsightly.  My goal is to make a quilt to velcro on the back as a covering.  I want to basically make one row out of my sasquatch quilt to accomplish this goal. I feel like a sasquatch is a great office mascot.

Heather's June Small Goals 
1. Finish knitting sweater front Nope. While I did start on the sweater front, I'm only about halfway done. I overestimated how much time I'd get to work on this in the evenings, but I'm happy I have a solid start on it. 
2. Make a Return to Work plan Done! Only a few more days before I go back! While I have some anxiety about it, I'm mostly ready and excited. 
3. Narrow down wedding venue search Done! Not only done and narrowed down, but we have a wedding venue! It's an art gallery in a cool part of St. Louis that we used to spend a lot of time in so it also is meaningful. 
4. Have a "Girl Day" with Emily and Morgan Done! I was so happy we got to fit in a girl day this month. We went to Target, got some Starbucks, and talked about everything. It was so much fun being together just the 3 of us. 
5. Go camping Nope. I just ran out of time. Plus it got pretty humid here and I don't like sleeping when it's too hot. Maybe I'll move camping back to the fall? 

3/5 goals is pretty solid! 

July Small Goals 
1.  Say yes more I've noticed that when I'm in a particularly depressive/anxious mood, I withdraw from my world a lot, which makes things worse and is super unhealthy for me. I want to say yes to move invitations and hangouts with friends. I'm realizing I need to balance alone time and going out much more than I currently do. 
2.  Get laptop repaired  Guys. My laptop has not been working right since January, which would be a much bigger deal if I didn't have a laptop for work. I need to get into the Apple store and see about getting it fixed. 
3.  Yoga 2x a week and Zumba 1x a week  I've been adding in yoga and a weekly Zumba class with a friend to my routine and I've loved it. I want to keep up with it now that I'm going back to work and will have to get used to working 8 hours again. 
4.  Book 2-3 more wedding vendors  So my wedding venue is booked, the date is set, and that's about it. It's about 9 months away and I need to start booking other vendors. A photographer is my big one. My first choice photographer is booked on our wedding date, so now I have to start that process all over again. Beer me strength y'all. 
5. Celebrate my mom July 28th will mark one year without my mom. This past year has been hands down the worst of my life. Good things happened but my head and heart were in such a bad place for most of it. My sisters will both be in town and we have a mini celebration thing planned, so I'm actually looking forward to taking this day to celebrate who our mom was instead of mourning her. I'm sure it will be emotional, but also cathartic. 

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  1. Jen - I find it so funny that you love Squirrel Girl. I hope you are able to get caught up. Also yes a sasquatch is a great office mascot. My office mascot is Bing Bong from Inside Out, it's a reminder to never let go of my imaginative side.

    Heather - Girl's Day are the best! Glad you got to work one in. I am sadly in need of one right now, but life keeps getting in the way.

    If you'd like to check out my June Wrap Up and July Goals here they are: http://books.thetechchef.net/june-wrap-up-and-july-goals/