Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It's Getting Hot in Here

Well Friends, it's officially summer! We are kicking off the change of season with a new outfit post!  

I'm so thankful for seasons. I don't think my heart would be as happy to live in a place that doesn't have super defined seasons. I relate certain activities and celebrations to certain times of year based on the seasonal weather. I can't image living in a climate where you could swim at Christmas or never see the snow fall or a place where you don't get to watch the leaves lifecycle each year.  I get very into crafting and decorating for each season as well as rearranging my wardrobe per season. Thinking about each season passing from one to the next, basically marking time, can make me feel very at ease with the universe and with nature. Like, I'm just such a miniature part of this great universe.

  One day I would like to take it a step further and have some sort of solstice celebration for each season. My mind immediately goes to Practical Magic, where they are celebrating the fall solstice and the witches jump of the roof naked. Or even further back to Little Bear (Nickelodeon days) and their traditions of celebrating the winter solstice with an outdoor gathering/feast where they feed all the creatures of the forest. I think I'm looking for some way to celebrate nature and each season individually while giving back to the universe in general.  Obviously, I'm not looking for any public indecently charges, but I think you get where I'm going with this. I just want to stop and take the time to really celebrate how cool nature is. Yah know, throw some flowers in the air and dance in the yard barefoot and eat some food off a blanket, that kind of stuff.  

Bodysuits are life. Seriously. I'm not sure how I ever lived without them, especially with my love for overalls. I now have a hard time styling a sleek look without them. I feel like everyone can see the fabric bunching up without the sleekness of said bodysuit. (My head is full of these types of lies--no one even notices the fabric bunches.) These pants are super classy yet feel like pajamas so they are basically perfect for almost all activities.  So far I've only styled them in a professional type manner and now I'm curious to see how they would look with a graphic tee or a tank top.  I was lucky enough to grab these baby's on clearance for under $20 and that feels like a major score considering they are from Modcloth.  Also, these heels make me my dream height of 5'5"/5'6", which I have been told is an extremely girly statement. *shrugging emoji*

Outfit Details
Bodysuit {Forever 21} / Gauchos {Modcloth-sold out} / Sandals {Forever 21-sold out in blush}

Do you ever see something and think, "This is very me and I need to own it immediately no matter if I have to dip into savings?" While I didn't dip into my savings this time, I did think that this dress was one of the most "me" things I had ever seen and knew I had to own it. Mustard is my color and it pairs so well with navy. I love the silhouette of the dress and the ruffle detail of the navy sleeves. Even with all these perfect details, the first time I wore it was for this blog. Sometimes I buy something I really love and then I let it hang there for weeks because I want the first time I wear it to be special. Which is kind of silly, since I don't think beautiful things need to wait for a special day.

My got to outfits are usually things that are flattering in the stomach area. It's where I hold all my weight and I can easily look 4 months pregnant in the wrong thing. Thanks to having twins, my skin is kind of stretched out so I do my best to love my body while also dressing in ways that look good on me. This dress does that for me. It's my favorite color, it can be casual or dressy, and it's flattering. Plus with the humidity being out of control in Missouri, it also keeps me pretty cool.

While I do love experiencing seasons, I do miss those years I lived in San Diego and could basically use a cardigan in the middle of winter as heavy outerwear. I'm embracing that Missouri is my home for the foreseeable future and I'm cool with it. But I don't think I'm as big a fan of seasons as Jen is, but I am very into her idea of celebrating solstices! Might have to make that a bestie tradition of some kind! 

Outfit Details 
Dress {Piper and Scoot-not longer available} // Shoes {Forever 21-similar

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