Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Skirts for Spring? Groundbreaking.

Hey friends! I know we talk about the weather here in Missouri all the time, but man, it's always a complete mess. Whomever is the controller of the weather is extremely moody around these parts. I think spring is finally here but I have a feeling we are going to nose dive straight into summer.  The day we took these is was super spring like-but today it's supposed to reach into the 90s. Two weeks ago it rained for like a week straight and half the state was dealing with historic flooding. Major highways shut down. Getting into St. Louis became a real challenge. It's the 2nd largest flood to occur within a 16th month period. So much for the 100 year flood-or hellllllo climate change?! Either way-weather has been whack!

Even though the spring season seems to be fleeting, we still wanting to squeeze in a couple of outfits to share for this season.  For this outfit edition theme, we chose skirts.  The maxi skirt trend is still all the rage in our area so I wasn't too surprised when we both showed up wearing a pair each.  Maxi skirts really are the perfect spring look. They are cute as hell but provide you with a little extra warmth for those chilly mornings. Plus, they look great with flats or sandals so pretty freaking versatile, right?!

This is one of my favorite looks this spring, especially for a day at the office which honestly feels like where I spend most of my time lately.  It's very put together and a super functional outfit.  It gives me Practical Magic vibes and makes me feel like a serious adult when I wear it. Some outfits I wear, especially my overalls, can garner some judging looks from people in regards to my age or professionalism and I hate that. Just because I love wearing overalls doesn't mean I don't know my shit, yah know?

Introducing my new BLUSH glasses.  Blush seems to be THE color right now and since the "Jennifer" style also came in blush I decided to grab them also.  It's probably a tie between these and my clear ones for my top favorite.

This is also how I would wear the outfit in a more casual manner. For some reason my employers seem to frown at bare midriffs. Bare midriffs is a problem that has been plaguing me since high school {insert eye roll emoji here}.  But for reals, the denim shirt is my favorite go to light jacket to wear for basic warmth around the office.  Why are offices always so cold, ya'll?

And yea, this pose is here to say. Sorry friends!

Outfit Details
Denim Shirt {AE} / crop top {Forever 21} / maxi skirt {Forever 21} / Slides {Forever 21}

Jen is not lying, the weather here in Missouri has been bananas. It's humid one day, then windy and rainy the next. I'm glad to be home lately because trying to make it in to work with all the flooding we had recently would have been a nightmare!

Recently, I bought skirt hangers and took my skirts from a drawer to my closet, right in the center. I actually take up two closets in my house but my main closet is the one with all the skirts and dresses. Skirts are my go to outfit this Spring it seems like. Every time I get out of the house, I'm throwing on a skirt 90% of the time. I still have a love affair with dresses, but there's something about a good skirt I just love. 

Besides skirts being my go to, this outfit is a variation on basically what I'm wearing at all times. Graphic tee and skirt with sandals. It's easy and cute, can be dressed up or down. I love the way the tee shirt adds some casualness to this skirt, which is kind of fancy and has heavier fabric. Also I own 4 different mustard skirts now and I'm not even mad about it. Mustard is my spirit color, I can never have enough. 

Also how dope is this shirt?! My blogger friend Valery started her own tee shirt business, Everyday Unicorns,  and as soon as she posted this shirt I knew I had to have it! It's a weekly wear for me. The saying is feminist af and the shirt is soft as hell. It makes me feel like a powerful badass every time I put it on. She recently released a summer line that I'm drooling over (especially this tee!) so if feminist tees are also your jam, get you some! 

If I can be honest for a second, the day we took these photos I was not really feeling myself. I felt bloated from my period and I've been eating like crazy lately and gained a few pounds that I feel like are very obvious. Jarrett and Jen and my sister assure me they aren't but we are always more critical of our bodies than others, a bad habit I'm trying to break. 

But when I came back a few days after editing the photos to write my part of this post, I loved the way I looked. I don't mind those extra few pounds and I feel confident that this outfit represents who I am. I wore it the next day actually for celebratory engagement drinks with Jarrett (yeah we will totes talk about that engagement soon y'all!). I don't know if there was a point to this besides bodies are weird and the way we feel about them changes daily (or at least my feelings on my body do!). 

Outfit Details 
Shirt {Everyday Unicorns by Valery Brennan} / Skirt {Lularoe} / Sandals {Forever 21

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