Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Small Goals

Vegan sushi bowl at Lulu's Local Eatery in St. Louis 

It's May y'all! After spending literally months not feeling like myself and highly unmotivated, I finally feel like I've got my mojo back! It's an amazing feeling to feel like "myself" again, if that makes sense. I've got some ideas and plan guys. Things are happening and I'm making them happen. I want to invite you all to a Beyonc√© dance party to celebrate, but that's not feasible. So just have one on your own for me ok? April was a solid goal month but I have a good feeling about May. I think this is going to end up being a really good month. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so head over to the linkup for some goal setting inspo! 

Jen's April Small Goals 
1.  Sew a dress.    Yeeeeesssssssssss, I did! And I'm obsessed with it and want to make allllllll my things. Or at least more of them since I still do love the hunt of finding the right piece. I've got plans, friends, so many plans.
2.  Read 4 books Man, I'm so happy to report that I actually finished this goal.  After suffering from a book slump for the last SIX MONTHS I'm happy to report my slump is over.  I finished 4 books and several comic books!
3.  Get out the patio set This was probably the easiest thing on the list and yet it was still a fail.  I'd like to say I'll get it out this weekend (the very last weekend of April) but there are crazy rains in the forecast so I'm not sure I can commit to that.
4.  Buckle down - work life  This last month has probably been the most dedicated month of work in my work life.  There has been so many new things to learn and trudge through and I've managed to do it with a decent attitude without falling too desperately behind. Maybe just a normal behind. It's been a good yet challenging month.
5.  Work out 3 days a week Well, I was all over on this goal this past month. I did pretty good the first and last weeks of the month but the in between wasn't so great.  I don't think I can say I concurred this goal.

3/5 goals completed is pretty a-ok with me.

May Small Goals 
1. Sew a romper.  Yea, you can probably get used to each month there being a goal consisting of sewing something new for my wardrobe. Just bought a romper/dropped waist dress pattern and I have plans on making both varieties but I'd like to make the romper my first goal this month.  I still need to order fabric so I'm dreaming big.
2.  Selfless Crafting.  I'm the worst at selfish crafting. I love to admire and enjoy the fruits of my crafting time.  However, I do get so much joy from giving someone a handmade gift.  Between Mother's Day and my sister's birthday (shhhhhhhhhhh) I'm trying to come up with handmade gifts for both.  Probably should have started planning this last month.
3. Renew library card. So somehow I've let my library card expire and I may have even lost it. I feel so incredibly irresponsible about this and a little embarrassed.  I will renew and replace my library card this month.
4. No T-shirt orders.  So I'm a little addicted to graphic tees.  It seems like I can't go very long without adding a new one to my collection. I recently ordered several graphic tanks so my goal is to not purchase any graphics this month. This is probably my hardest goal. 
5. Listen to one classic audiobook.  I'm pretty caught up on my audio books.  I'm thinking about listening to the Throne of Glass series in anticipation for the fall release, but I would love to squeeze a couple of classic audiobooks in this summer.  My goal is to listen to one this month!

Heather's April Small Goals 
1. Get a massage Unfortunately I just ran out of time to get this scheduled, but I am planning on getting it done soon. 
2.Complete month 1 of the T25 calendar So with this one, I'm marking it as completed even though I didn't do T25. I did take walks 6 times a week that were 3-5 miles long. I think my intention behind this was to get back into working out and I did accomplish that. While the activity shifted, I still was insanely active all month long. 
3. List things on Poshmark Done! I've sold a few things already, and it's been awesome. Changing the way I take photos of my items has been a game changer. If you want to check it out, you can check out my closet here
4. Spending freeze I did a lot better this month, but didn't stick to a strict freeze. 
5. Get haircuts for the girls and me Done! Haircuts were had by all and it was good. 

Another month with 3/5 completed 

May Small Goals
1. Track my spending Ok so a spending freeze is pretty hard to hold myself to. I do want to cut down but I think the best way to not feel deprived but also not go too crazy is to track each cent I spend. I do want to spend less but I think a complete freeze might be too much. 
2. Get out of the house once a week I recently took an extended leave from my job (which I may or may not talk about on here eventually) so I'm home a lot more than normal. While it's been great to binge watch How to Get Away with Murder and Girls, I'm finding myself really isolated. I want to commit to getting out of the house and doing something fun, connecting with friends I never get to see, at least once a week 
3. Settle on a morning routine Because of the above mentioned leave, my mornings have mostly been about sleeping in with my cat and not getting dressed until 2pm. While that is lovely, I need to get a solid morning routine figured out so when I do go back to work, it's not a huge shock to the system. 
4. Catch up on podcasts I subscribe to so many podcasts and am so behind on them without my daily 2 hour commute. I want to take a break from Netflix and spend more time with podcasts this month. 
5. Digital clean up My email inbox is overflowing and I have so many links saved on Facebook that have never been read. I want to clear out my inbox and mark most of those things on Facebook as read. I'm in a very decluttering mood lately which is flowing over into my digital world as well. 


  1. I think you both did so well on your goals, way to go! Jen, that is awesome that you're able to sew yourself clothes! That is something that I would eventually love to learn to do. Heather, I'm so with you on needing the digital clean up--my inbox is getting out of control!! Good luck in May :)

  2. Y'all always have the best goals! Jen, I totally feel ya on the library card - I think mine had some weird kind of probation period and now that it's over I'm supposed to go back there? I think I'm just going to wait until I move though, I just started rereading the Hunger Games and I'm so busy I think that will tide me over until I move in July. Heather, the digital cleanup will make you feel sooooo much better. I try to periodically clean out my inbox and it always feels amazing to watch that number go down!