Monday, April 17, 2017

The Dream of the 90s is Alive in Missouri

So, are you surprised I picked a 90's theme for our latest fashion post? I'm guessing, no?  It's no surprise from past fashion ramblings that I'm completely immersed with the 90's style.  In fact, a few weeks ago my husband told me I looked like I walked off the set of The Goldberg's and I don't think he has ever given me a better compliment in our 11ish years together. 

In 2014, when the entire series of Friends first debuted on Netflix, I decided to do a casual rewatch just to see if I watched as many shows live as I remembered from my childhood.  I can remember spending so many Thursday nights in front of the television watching shows that were probably way too old for me.  There is no way possible I could have anticipated the huge impact this rewatch would have on my personal style and subsequent wardrobe.  They both did almost a 180 after I finished my rewatch and I can attest to seeing most of the episodes growing up.

When I suggested this "theme" I almost felt like I was cheating since my wardrobe is pretty heavy on the 90's style.  But I remember Heather and I tossing this outfit idea around months ago, probably not long after my personal style started evolving and it still sounding like a fun theme to play with, especially since Heather's look isn't nearly as inspired by the 90's as my own.  I think at the time I had more of a "Clueless" look in my head but I keep reminding myself I'm not a teenager and my style and age need to be somewhat cohesive.  But man, I could have spent hours coming up with various 90's themed outfits.

I had to let out a little steam after a creeper man in a SUV slowed his roll, rolled down his window and tried to pick us up Joey Tribbiani style (at least that is what I heard in my head).  It was uncalled for and we hated it.

I always enjoy wearing this outfit. It always makes me feel super put together and confident like I can kick ass Phoebe Buffay style.  Sometimes it's tricky navigating fashion in your 20's (let's just pretend for a second I'm not officially in my 30's now); wanting to look cute but put together enough to be taken seriously.  I think Friends really helped me navigate that path in particular and now I only get questioning gazes when I'm sporting one of my various pairs of overalls which I'll never grow out of.

Outfit Details:
Dress (Forever 21) / Denim shirt (American Eagle) / Sandals (Go Jane)

I wish I would have remembered to grab one of my chokers before I ran out the door, but sadly that was a major fashion fail on my part.

Jen is not only my best friend, but she's a straight up fashion boss when it comes to 90s style. Every time she buys another 90s themed piece I get super pumped to see how she styles it. She suggested this theme for outfit photos and it could not be more on brand for her. I'm also into 90s style but I don't have the most options for looks so I knew basically right away when my outfit would consist of:  my velvet slip dress. 

This slip dress is so comfortable. I usually change into leggings as soon as we are done with outfit photos but I kept this look on for the rest of the day because it was so comfortable. I don't usually love things that don't give me a defined waist, because hello all my weight gets held in my middle, but this has the perfect amount of shape to it so I don't feel like I look frumpy or shapeless in it. If the 90s are on brand for Jen, I would say stripes are pretty on brand for me. I own so many stripe tees and dresses it's kind of insane. So my perfect spring 90s pairing obviously included this green stripe tee and sandals. 

I can't wait to rock this look all spring and summer guys. I am pretty low maintenance so I love outfits that are comfortable but also make me look vaguely put together. So this outfit is a win/win for me.  I also love when a blog theme leads me to discover some new outfit combinations I already own. I'm so bad about getting outfit envy when I read blogs of stylish ladies then wanting to buy ALL THE THINGS, and with my recent self imposed spending freeze, it's nice to shop my own closet and focus on all the different ways I can style things I already own. 

Outfit Details 
Stripe Tee {Target} / Velvet slip dress {AE} / Sandals {Forever 21} 

I was also able to talk Emily into taking these photos with me. She refused to get up off the ground so this is the best we got. Morgan wanted to stay home and play and I think Emily regretted wanting to come take blog photos almost immediately. I am glad that I got some solo pictures with Emily since it's kind of rare that I get photos like this with just one of the girls.

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