Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Links I Love (H.1)

Hey Hey Hey!! One of my favorite posts to read from other bloggers is a link love post. A collection of links they found interesting or cool is one of my favorite ways to find out about different things. I've found new clothing to love, articles that made me think, and bloggers to follow. I've been wanting to incorporate this into the Best Friend Book Club and I'm finally taking the leap. Jen and I will take turns, either biweekly or monthly, sharing links that we loved. Let's get started!

Sevi's birthday post for her dad hit me right in the feels. After losing my mom last summer, things like this resonate with me even more than they used to.

Another post that gave me a little perspective on the time we have left and possibly take for granted.

An ode to the next woman who dates her husband (be prepared for tears. The author passed away 10 days after this was published).

Maggie Stiefvater is one of my hands down favorite authors. Anything she comes up with is a must buy for me, so the cover reveal for her next book has me super excited!

Another Maggie link, this time perspective on author signings from the other side of the table. Jen and I got to meet Maggie at BookCon last year, so this was really cool to read.

I found some motivation in this at home interview with Mollie Chen, cofounder of Birchbox.

Because I obviously need more books to read, these 28 books are getting added to my never ending TBR.

I'm always a fan of Caroline's 10x10 wardrobe challenges. I might need to set one up for myself soon!

I wear my Everyday Unicorns shirt weekly, so I'm obviously loving this look at the other designs Valery has available. Get you some feminist friendly apparel!

I haven't been super on board with culotte trend, but Nicole is rocking it and making me want to snag a pair for myself!

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