Thursday, April 27, 2017

Currently Crafting v.1

Welcome to what we hope will become a regular feature here on our blog. Jen and I are both big crafters (Jen a little more than me tbh). We have similar loves of crafting but we work on a lot of different kinds of things too. Jen is a master cross stitch crafter and I'm more of a yarn crafts type of lady. Knitting is my current obsession, but I also share a love of sewing and quilting with Jen. We wanted to share what we are currently working on in our crafty lives. Crafting is so good for the soul and something that makes our lives feel fulfilling. There's something so special about creating something beautiful that makes us so happy. So, here's what we are working on and we'd love to hear what you're working on as well! 


My overall home goal is to make it my sanctuary and in my sanctuary I'm always cozy AF.  My house is pretty old and isn't the most aesthetically pleasing.  In the beginning we had big dreams of remodeling it ourselves HGTV style but were a little over ambitious about that commitment during regular life.  Anyway, I try to add the crafty, warming touch whenever I get a chance just to try to make the place seem more warm and inviting and sanctuary like.  I've played with so many different crafting styles over the last 10 years or so. I basically spent my 20's discovering which projects I enjoyed crafting the most.  I spent a good spell embroidering everything I could get my hands on but I didn't overly love the way it looked displayed on the wall--at least my pieces, because I certainly love others I would see on the interwebs.  So where embroidery was great for spicing up my pillowcases or hand towels I decided to try to transition into some cross stitch work because I really loved the way it looked displayed.  Since I made the transition in 2013 I really haven't looked back on embroidery much since, with the exception of a few holiday hand towels and whatnot.  For display, I tend to either frame my piece or turn it into a wall hanging or table runner.  I'm apparently obsessed with putting quilts on ALL THE THINGS.

I know I've talked about joining The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's clubs before.  I just love the overly cutesy designs that have a somewhat traditional feel at times. I love learning the history behind the craft. I'm super excited that they are releasing a 2nd year long sampler that is The Pie of the Month Club. Each month they send you a pie to stich along with a recipe to make said pie. I'm trying to get my husband involved in the baking said pie portion but he is more on board with eating it then making it so we'll see how many months I follow through on the actual baking part.
Other than my continuous cross stitch projects (It seems like I'm always working on one--always), lately I've veered away from the quilt making a bit and am trying my hand in creating more of my wardrobe since fashion is such a passion of mine. I've made a peplum top and a circle skirt dress and I feel so inspired to really Romy & Michelle the shit out of my wardrobe. I have so many plans brewing.


As I mentioned above, knitting has been something I've been very into this year. I took a knitting class in November 2016. Having a history in crochet made it feel pretty easy to pick up this new hobby. I didn't feel the transition was too difficult, but I am glad I decided to take an in person class in this. I tried for a long time to learn by watching youtube tutorials, but it was a bust. Ultimately, it was easiest to learn in person with someone there to show me the ropes. 

Since November, I've made a few scarves and hats, but felt like I mastered those two basic patterns and was ready to move on. One of my birthday goals is to knit a sweater and knowing how slowly I craft, I knew I needed to start on that as soon as possible. I'm following this pattern from flcty, who I follow on Instagram. She's a knitting queen and her pattern is so easy to follow. I decided to go with a deeper, jewel toned vibe for my striped sweater instead of the bright colors she did in hers. Since the above photo, I've finished this piece, which is the back of the sweater. I haven't cast on the front yet, but I'm planning to do that soon. 

Besides my sweater, I've got some ideas for embroidery hoops in my head that I'd love to get stitched up soon. I also bought a kit to sew an overall dress that I'd also love to start working on. Tilly and the Buttons is one of my new sewing loves. I bought the kit for this dress there after seeing it on Skunkboy Creatures blog. I'm excited to get into sewing clothes (another birthday goal!) so I'll totally have to report back once that gets done! 

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