Monday, April 3, 2017

April Small Goals

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I feel like getting older is just constantly remarking on how quickly the passage of time feels. Seriously, it's already April and time for another round of small goals. How is that possible? March was a much more productive month for me, and I'm feeling that motivation is ready to take over April as well. It's finally feeling like Spring and it feels like the perfect time to do a little self reflection and improvement. I tried to mix my goals with self care and projects, but it all feels essential to this season I'm in. I'm ready to get started and I'm hoping I cross all 5 things off my list this time! As always, we are linking up with the lovely Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so go get inspired by some goals y'all.  Ok so here are the things Jen and I are hoping to accomplish in April. 

Jen's March Small Goals  
1.  Sew Top.  Crushed this goal. It took me most of a Sunday, but I made the top and I absolutely love how it turned out. It wasn't too crazy challenging and I can't wait to start on another clothing relating project.
2.  Order Glasses.    So, I finally took the plunge and ordered 2 pair- a clear and a burgundy ombre pair. I love them both so much and immediately ordered a floral pair and a cat eared pair of sunglasses. I'm also seriously about the pull the trigger on a blush & tortoise pair. I'm obsessed.
3.  Join Meowgical Box.  Oh man, did this box not disappoint. It was full of the cutest kitty feminist items.  I'm definitely keeping this subscription box since April's theme is Purrrtect our Planet. Another theme I couldn't be more excited about.
4.  New Comics.  Yes! I'm up to date on Gotham Academy. I also checked out Goldie Vance (super Nancy Drew like) and I have Sabrina (the teenager witch-for reals) and Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy cross over.
5.  Start a Patch Collection.  Ok, I never officially started my patch collection. I did do a lot of thinking about it though and I think I've decided on a patch theme for my denim jacket. I think it is gong to be Lumberjane inspired and my patches will resemble different, silly "merit" badges. I've got my eye on a few and just need to get some ordered.

4/5 - I was pretty on top of my goals...I mean wish list.

April Small Goals 
1.  Sew a dress.  Sew (haha) since my top came together so smoothly, I think I'm ready to tackle the dress pattern I also bought. I have my fabric ready and just need to set a time aside to get it sewn.
2.  Read 4 books.  So, I'm mentioned being in a serious reading slump. I started listening to audiobooks and that is helping. Although, if I'm being honest, I'm mostly listening to Harry Potter. But baseball is officially back and I'm reclaiming some of my reading time.  A book a week is my goal!
3.  Get out the patio set.  Since it's officially spring, I'm ready to start enjoying some sunshine reading. The goal is to set up the patio set!
4.  Buckle down - work life.  So I don't talk about my work life super often, but I'm a paralegal.  I've recently acquired the probate position (on top of my other duties). It's a whole new game and I'm really going to try to absorb as much knowledge as I can this month and to try not to fall behind.  I say it about once a day and by the end of the month I would like to be saying it a lot less - "I KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW!".
5.  Work out 3 days a week.  So towards the end of March, I kind of fell off the exercise wagon and I need to get back on.  I can tell my stress levels need my morning yoga routine, even if I just want to read in bed and snuggle cats most mornings.

Heather's March Small Goals 
1. Set daily intentions Crushed it! I set a reminder on my phone to go off at 8am every day. This helped me remember to take a few moments to be intentional with my day and thoughts. 
2. Buy supplies to knit a sweater Done! Ordered and I'm already working on the back of my sweater now. 
3. Add reviews to books on Goodreads Done. It reminded me to keep up with this because I had a hard time going back 4 weeks to remember my thoughts on a certain book. 
4. Attend my first Feminist Literary Society meeting Nope. I didn't get a chance to crack open the March book. I'm hoping to make the April meeting! 
5. Pick a degree program  This might have been a little ambitious. I still want to do this but I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do. If I'm going to spend a ton of money going back to school, I need to be sure. I don't have clear goals, besides something where I don't have to work nights/weekends and can have a desk. So if someone knows a degree that gets me a job like that, let me know. 

3/5 goals knocked out <3

April Small Goals 
1. Get a massage This has been a long time coming, but I need to get a massage this month. I probs should get one every month but I'm just going to start with April and see how it goes. 
2.Complete month 1 of the T25 calendar I've been putting this off but I feel the urge to add workouts back into my routine. I'm going to start with T25 and maybe add in some walks/runs as the weather warms up even more. 
3. List things on Poshmark I recently went through my closet and divided clothes into "donate" and "sell". I'm hoping to get the things in my sale pile listed soon. 
4. Spending freeze I'm an emotional spender and lately I've been spending more than I should. I'm going to use April to reset and not spend anything on clothes/books/ect.  
5. Get haircuts for the girls and me The girls and I are in serious needs of haircuts. I'm so bad about putting it off but Morgan's bangs are hanging in her eyes so she can't see anything. This needs to get done ASAP honestly. 

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  1. I'm doing a spending freeze this month too. I hope that will allow me to sock away some extra money in savings (haven't been doing that as much as I know I should!).

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