Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April Showers

Hey Friends! We are linking up with the ladies from Diversity Chic for the third month in a row. They picked the theme "April Showers".  Now friends, this was a super tricky theme! I seriously almost resorted to buying some galoshes and an umbrella but I had a sudden spark of inspiration as I was scouring my closet. 

The only thing "shower themed" in my entire closet is my umbrella Toms. I luckily found this dress in my closet that I think matches perfectly. Now that spring is upon us, I'm very into wearing my dresses again.  But one of my biggest personal issues is when my feet get wet in the rain. I just hate it. Therefore, if there is ANY rain in the forecast, I'll pretty much always gravitate towards my Toms or Converse. Then all I need is a light jacket to keep the rain off my arms. This jacket is probably my legit favorite thing at the moment. It's ridiculous and I love it.

New glasses alert!
My clear glasses, named the "Jennifer" by the designer, are legit my favorite pair right now. I'll let you know which pair wins supreme favorite after my other three have arrived.  Oh, and this new eyewear pose is here to stay.

Even though I found this outfit theme to be super picky to plan out, I'm absolutely in love with this outfit combination and I'm definitely going to give it a little more love in the future.

Outfit Details 
Bomber {Forever 21-sold out} / Dress {Rue 21-old} / Shoes {Toms-sold out}
And forever trying to make scrunchies fashion accessories.

Once again, linking up with the ladies of Diversity Chic is a real treat. This month's theme really made me think and it took me to the last minute to settle on my outfit, but I'm basically in love with what came out of that last minute desperation. 

I don't own any super cute rain boots or a cool umbrella or a raincoat, so I went pretty literally with this theme. What is something I would wear if it was actually raining? I have to park about two blocks from my job currently, so when the forecast calls for rain, I have a few things I have to have. Closed toed shoes, a jacket with a hood, jeans to protect my legs, and this amazing golf umbrella Jarrett gave me that he got for free somewhere. So with these things in mind, I pulled together an outfit that was both practical and cute. It ended up being something I would definitely wear on a rainy day. 

I was really glad that I took a chance on this theme, since I now found a new favorite outfit. Navy and mustard are my soul colors, so to see how they paired with my red hair was a real treat. I can't wait to wear this again, rain or shine. 

Outfit Details 
Jacket {Modcloth} / Top {Target} / Jeggings {AE} / Shoes {Modcloth-similar} / Earrings {Scarlett Garnet


  1. ahhh your outfits are both so cute!! those umbrella toms are adorable. i love how stylish AND functional your looks are.

  2. Love both of these looks! Those umbrella Toms are perfection Jen and the new glasses are so cute. Who's the designer because I am about to need new glasses soon!

    Heather, I was totally like you this month. No rainboots - what's going to keep me dry? Luckily my bubble umbrella is always my go to accessory when it raining outside.