Friday, March 31, 2017

Sweater Weather

Hey friends!!
I know, spring is officially here but we wanted to squeeze in one more winter themed outfit before we started transitioning into our spring wardrobes.  We decided to go with sweaters because we both love being cozy AF above all else in life. Continue on to see our individual sweater weather styles!

I decided to chose one of my staple sweaters that I literally wear like once a week. It just goes with all the outfits, plus I love the ribbed simplicity of the sweater.  It reminds me of something you would have seen any of the girls on Friends wear.  Go ahead and roll your eyes. ;)

Finally nailed the eyewear pose! 

Let's talk about these overalls for a second though! I absolutely love them and was raving all about them to the Bestie when Modcloth dropped them last fall.  She surprised the crap out of me by turning them into my Christmas present this past year.  I honestly don't think I've ever loved anything more.  As someone who is more boney than curvy, I also love how it gives me the appearance of having curves.

This is honestly one of my favorite outfits this past winter. I just feel uber confident wearing it and I feel like overalls are my unspoken uniform in life.  I probably even wear them when they aren't entirely appropriate and have no shame doing it.  Plus, I love how the bibs basically give me a canvas to display my pingame.

I would love to find a short sleeved version of this sweater for the spring season. If anyone sees one on the interwebs, HIT ME UP!  I'm also curious to see how I'll transition them into my spring wardrobe.  Corduroy isn't just a fall/winter fabric is it? Please say no!

Outfit Details
Mustard overalls (Modcloth--Christmas gift from the Bestie! and now on clearance!!) / Sweater (Rue 21-bought last winter) / Booties (Rocketdog - Modcloth also on clearance!)

Despite the blog title, I think we finally might be past hard core sweater weather. We’ve moved into cardigan weather, which honestly is my favorite kind of weather. When we took these photos, it was cool enough in the shade that the sweaters were more than welcome. 

I had resisted giving in to the Lularoe trend that is all over my Facebook. It seems like I know at least 6 people that sell it. I’ve seen people obsessed with it and kind of rejected it automatically. I am very much NOT into MLM things and people trying to sell me things on Facebook. However, I am very much into anything that is marketing to me as comfortable and cozy, so after a lot of mental back and forth, I went for it. 

Then I read this article by Buzzfeed and decided, ok I’m going to give it a try. I ordered two pairs of leggings and a breezy cardigan thing with basically zero expectations. I ordered one pair each of the One Size leggings and the Tall & Curvy leggings so I could see how they each fit. I’m a size 10/12 so I thought I could make them each work. You do have to order from an independent consultant, but I'm sure you also know a ton of people selling this stuff so it shouldn't be an issues find a group to join. Each person can have different things in stock so it's not unheard of to be in multiple groups of people selling these things. I think they are most know for leggings, but they also have shirts, dresses, skirts, ect. 

I was really surpised that I ended up loving these leggings. They are really soft but also high waisted so I feel all tucked in with all my bits. They are comfortable and cozy and I’ve worn them twice more since this photoshoot. I’ve also worn my cardigan multiple times, since it’s a floral print and perfectly punches up a basic outfit. I'm actually wearing it right now at work over a basic black tee with jeans, but it makes me feel a little more put together than just the tee. 

I don’t think I’m going to become someone who is obsessed with these leggings and buys them constantly. I don’t wear a lot of leggings anyway, but it’s nice to have an understated print that I feel like can be worn out and isn’t too out there. I get the obsession but as someone who is working on mindfulness this year I don’t want to go overboard with buying leggings. I love these ones and I’m glad I gave it a shot. I think everyone could use maybe one pair of these leggings, if only for lounging around the house in maximum comfort. 

Outfit Details 
Sweater {Target-sold out} /Leggings {Lularoe} / Sandals {Target

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