Monday, March 6, 2017

March Small Goals

Ok so personally, February was a real shit month for me. It felt like life kind of piled it on until the end of the month, but I was pretty happy to say goodbye to the shortest month this year. I hope your February went much better, and I've got some high hopes that March has better things in store for me (and you!). So my small goals were basically forgotten this month and while I hate that, I'm using it to motivate me in March. Part of my funk has totally been mindset related so I'm hoping by being more mindful I can force a shift. Anyway, let's see how we did in February and what goals Jen and I are bringing to the table for March. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl so go ahead and check out all the other goals while you are at it! 

Jen's February Small Goals 
1. Buy fabric to sew a top.  Done! I ordered enough fabric for a top and a dress. I feel super inspired and I cant wait to make all my clothes. I'm already planning a hand made pajama wardrobe in my head.
2.  Pay off credit card.    Bye bye credit card!
3.  Call my Representatives weekly. I did this the first two weeks but have felt super discouraged about it. I don't feel like my feelings are getting across to anyone and I'm just wasting time. I don't know, the process is frustrating.
4.  Schedule a Haircut.  So I'm not sure if this one is a fail. I'm a fickle person and I change my mind on the reg. Halfway through this month and I decided my super long hair was great and I couldn't even entertain the idea of cutting it. Maybe closer to the summer?
5.  Replenish Cat Toys.  Yay for the kitties, they got a couple of new toys.  I didn't want to go crazy until I can really nail down their favorites, but they got a couple.

3/5 Goals is pretty ok with me!

March Small Goals 
1.  Sew Top.  So I ordered some great multi-colored striped fabric and it will become a peplum top this month.
2.  Order Glasses.  My dream is to be able to match my glasses with my outfits. I've never really been able to financially accommodate this but after checking into some online glasses providers I'm not certain I can swing this.  My goal is to order 2 new pairs of glasses this month.
3.  Join Meowgical Box.  It's no secret that I love pins.  In January, I joined a pin of the month club sponsored by The Pink Samurai.  It's so fun to receive a mystery pin each month.  I've been following Meowgical Box on instagram for a while now and I think I'm ready to take the plunge and sign up for this monthly subscription box.  It's basically cats and accessories and you can't go wrong with either. Plus this month theme is feminism and just picture that in cat form and not sign up. I dare you.
4.  New Comics.  I've been in a weird reading funk lately and am hoping changing the pace up a bit will help. I'm going to order a few new comics and give it a shot.
5.  Start a Patch Collection.  Ok, I've been a bit hesitant to join in on the patch game mostly due to being overwhelmed. But last fall I bought an oversized denim jacket that is basically begging for patches.

 I think my goals are turning more wishlisty this month but that's ok, right?

Heather's February Small Goals 
1. Spend zero money on clothes Fail. I didn't spend much but I didn't spend a little. I'm an emotional spender and this was a surprisingly emotional month 
2. Plan my week & meals on Sunday nights Another big fat fail, which I'm pretty bummed about. I might carry this over 
3. Call my Representatives once a week  The only goal I was able to accomplish but it was an important one 
4. Plan a girls trip Nope, but I'm still hoping to work this one out 
5. Work out 3 times a week  Another no. Just didn't happen this month. 

1/5 goals accomplished. Not great at all.

March Small Goals 
1. Set daily intentions I started out my year with taking a few minutes each morning to focus on deep breathing and setting my intentions for the day ahead. I could tell a huge difference on days when I did this vs. when I forgot, so I need to make it a priority again 
2. Buy supplies to knit a sweater One of my big goals this year is knitting a sweater. I have a pattern picked out, I just need to get the supplies 
3. Add reviews to books on Goodreads I've been trying to add small reviews to each book I read. There's no set length, but I'm a bit behind so I'd like to catch up on this 
4. Attend my first Feminist Literary Society meeting I joined the St. Louis chapter of the Feminist Literary society in January. Despite reading along each month, I haven't made it to a meeting yet. I'm making it my mission to make it to the March meeting 
5. Pick a degree program So I've been toying with the idea of going back to school for the past few months. I don't have a degree and I think I'd like the security that can come with one. I want to settle on a degree program and finishing my application process. I'm leaning toward Library Sciences, but I need to talk to more people in that field before I decide. 

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