Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Feminist AF

Morning friends! 

In January, I set a goal to buy one feminist tee a month so by the time the end of the year rolled around, my feminist tee collection would be lit.  With this climate being as hateful as it is, it is amazing to see love shine through others. So many small shops I follow on instagram have been running great promotions and donating proceeds to different organizations that do amazing things. I absolutely felt I needed to contribute and take part in this community so my entire tee collection is growing more rapidly than even I could have predicted. The tees have not been limited to solely feminism since feminism is intersectional.

Tee (teesandtankyous) / Shorts (Modcloth) / Converse (Famous Footwear)

While I didn't make it a goal to buy more feminist tees this year like Jen, I have a pretty solid collection of them myself. My Woman Up tee is maybeeee my favorite. I did almost wear my "Nevertheless, She Persisted" shirt from Everyday Unicorns, but it was in the wash when we scheduled this shoot so it will have to make an appearance another time. These two shirts make weekly appearances in my wardrobe and I always get positive comments and high fives when I wear them. 

I wear this shirt weekly, but most recently I wore it on my last day of my Arizona trip a few weeks ago. While going through security I forgot to take my kindle out of my purse so it had to be hand searched by a security personnel. While waiting for him to finish up, he looked at my tee and said, "That's funny, you just need to cover up the w o and it says Man Up" which year man, that's the point. I am all for woman up over man up and just kind of reclaiming that phrase in the name of feminism. 

Fun fact: a week after we took these photos it was snowing so Missouri weather is forever unpredictable. 

Outfit Details 
Tee {WomanUpTee} / Skirt {Forever 21} / Booties {Target

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