Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter Layers

Morning, friends! Can you believe it's almost March? It felt like January was never ending but man did February fly by. We had to make sure we squeezed in this very on trend winter theme before it was too warm to pull it off.  Spring is showing up pretty early this year around here.  The day we shot these it was cold AF if you can't tell by our red noses and body language but was very fitting for our theme.  But we wanted to try to inspire cuteness even when the weather is against us.  We each deal with fighting the winter temps while maintaining looking cute and stylish in different ways.

If I have to go outside in the winter and looking cute is a priority, this would be a go to outfit for sure.  I'm all about feeling cozy at all times during the winter and the scarf and socks really help me to attain that.  I've actually had this outfit for a few seasons and I still love it, which feels like a rarity sometimes. It just feels so simply and muted with just a pop of color.  Plus, plaid is one of my favorite winter prints.  For an outfit that looks so pulled together, it really feels effortless to wear.

Outfit Details
Dress (Rue 21-old) / Cardigan (Target-old) / Scarf & Tights (Rue 21-old) / boots (GoJane-old)

Like Jen said, it was so cold on the day we took these photos it’s kind of ridiculous. And now it’s like 70 degrees here when we are finally posting them. Global warming, amirite? I'm kind of worried that this super early spring weather means super early summer weather and I'm just not ready for the humidity to hit yet. Also I got bit by a mosquito the other day, and like chill. It's still February, stop biting me! Anyway, luckily we were able to fit in some winter looks before the weather went too crazy. 

Being cute and cozy in winter is all about layers. Most of the time I’m just focusing on cozy, because I have to walk like 2 blocks from my parking spot to my job, so wind is never my friend when I wear dresses. But tights/dresses/scarves are my go to winter cute look for going out or weekend brunches. I’m a big fan of Spring/Fall looks but I’m trying to enjoy the different seasons and not wish them away, since I know before I know it we will all be complaining about the heat and humidity. 

Outfit Details
Hat (Handmade by me) / Scarf (Modcloth) / Dress (Forever 21-old) / Sweater (Target) / Booties (Forever 21-old) 

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