Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentines Babes

First of all, it was so cold when we took these blog photos, you would not believe it. Hopefully our red noses aren't too obvious. Second, this month we are linking up with the lovely ladies of Diversity Chic!  I've been following along with Diversity Chic since the beginning and have been inspired each month by the different styles the ladies come up with. It's all about Valentine's looks this month, so Jen and I busted out our best V-Day looks for your guys.

For me, Valentine's Day is pretty chill. For the past two that I've spent with my boyfriend, we spent them moving (year one into my house I shared with a roommate, and last year we moved in together). No moving plans this year, but I have my kids so I think we will just exchange cards and hang out at home. If I was going out, I'd totally rock this outfit. Florals and a floppy hat. My casual date night go to. If I was going to celebrate it would be a really casual thing so this whole outfit feels perfect for Valentine's and checks all my outfit boxes. 

Side note, do anyone besides bloggers wear these hats? I've worn it out a few times and I'm always the only one but I see them all over Instagram all the time. Where are you hiding with your floppy blogger hats ladies? 

Outfit details
Hat (Target) / Dress (Roolee...I actually shortened this myself) / Faux Leather Leggings (Nordstrom)/ Booties (Target

Oh Valentine's Day.  I feel like I've always harbored a little undeserved resentment for this day.  Nothing detrimental has ever happened. I just think it is commercialized and silly. You should show your "valentine" love all year round and not just on a specific day so I personally do not engage. If it's your thing, that's great and celebrate away! No judgment! But dressing up is my jam so I can always get behind a outfit theme! I think the theme is very transparent in this outfit pick.  The skirt itself is kind of bulky and would work better with a petticoat, but who has time, or energy, for that nonsense?!

Outfit details
Hat (Rue 21) / Top (Rue 21) / Skirt (Modcloth)/ Converse (Famous Footwear

Emily and Morgan got in on the outfit fun this month. They chose all their red/pink clothes and just had to bring their Pokemon with them for these photos. I think I might need to take some posing tips from them! 

Happy Valentine's Day babes! 


  1. Ummmm I love that Emily and Morgan joined you guys for this shoot! I'm going to need you guys to include them in all future Diversity Chic link up pictures!!!! I love both of your outfits and they fit your personalities perfectly. I'm definitely more with Jen on this one, I celebrate the love of my life all year round so it's not really my tea. We don't really buy presents for each other. Usually a bite to eat and some serious video games or movie time! Thank you ladies so much for linking up with Diversity Chic!!!!!

  2. You guys are both so adorable! I love that your looks are somewhat non traditional and fit the theme without being TOO literal. Also, please make Emily and Morgan do every single Diversity Chic shoot!!!!