Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nasty Women

Hello to all the Nasty Women who are reading as well as all our other friends and readers! I hope everyone is finding some solace after the horrible election results and everything that has happened since.  It's been such a healing experience to see all this good and connectivity happening because of those events.  This is just a small set back. The women of America are organizing. We are loud and we are pissed.  We have a common goal and are ready to not only be heard, but to make one hell of a difference.  Our foremothers did it and now it's our turn.

Recently, Heather and I joined a local Women's Advocacy Group and it feels amazing to be surrounded by other likewise and diverse individuals in such a close minded un-diverse area.  It is such a great feeling to no longer feel alone in this hateful political climate.  We are both looking forward to being involved locally, doing our part and supporting other nasty women.  Before our first meeting, we decided it would be a great opportunity to wear our Nasty Woman tees and to turn it into an outfit edition.

It was so cold this day. Like 20 degrees cold. I know, both Heather and I, had totally different outfits planned but had to restrategize super quickly do accommodate the freezing temperatures.  I'm super into this look and I can see this tee being a favorite of mine, especially for the next 4 years.  I plan on wearing it until it turns into rags.  It makes me feel powerful and let's everyone know what I'm all about without me having to open my mouth and embark on a feminist rant. 

Outfit Details
Flannel (Rue 21) / Nasty Women Tee (Googleghost) / Jeggings (H&M) / Converse (Zappos) / Pussy Hat (Rue 21)

I’m totally with Jen, this has been a rough few weeks. Today is Inauguration day and I decided to once again rock my Nasty Woman tee to work. I know I work in a wonderful place when I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from other nasty women (and men!). I feel like I’ve taken some positive steps towards action since Election Day. I’m all about using my voice to enact change any way I can and be the best ally to groups that have less privilege than I do. 

This day was so cold, I didn’t get to wear my awesome skirt and wedges outfit combo, but thus is the pain of being a blogger where there’s actual winter. Missouri is the weirdest. We had an ice storm last week and now it’s like 50 degrees out. It’s bananas, but I think it’s like that everywhere. However, I did get to rock my blush moto jacket, which is going to be in heavy rotation come Spring! 

Outfit details 
Jacket (Forever 21-similar) / Shirt (GoogleGhost-They donate 50% to Planned Parenthood if that's your jam too) / Jeggings (Rue 21-old) / Booties (Forever 21-old) 

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