Monday, December 5, 2016

December Small Goals

Last month of 2016 say whaaaaat? My November wasn't the best month I've ever had, I was sick 3 different times and it was a major bummer. I'm ready to enjoy December and all the holiday things that come with it. I already got to kick off the month with my 30th birthday and that was a blast. Jen basically knocked my present out of the park. Now I'm ready to kick ass for the last month of 2016. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl. Go check out all the small goals there as well!

Jen's Small Goals: November 
1. Make a Christmas Tree Skirt.  By the time this is posted, by skirt will be complete so it counts. I seriously can't wait to debut it and use it!
2.  House projects. Major fail. There were just too many events this month and I didn't feel like I had solid time to squeeze anything in. I did do better with house keeping. Does that count?
3.  Nightly Routine.  This one is still a work in progress and I'm not certain we can call it a routine yet.
4.  Vote on November 8th.  Voted and was highly disappointed. That is all.
5. Mix up the Podcasts. Yea, if by mix up the podcasts I really meant just listen to the Best of Friends Podcast than this would be complete, but it's not so it isn't. Another fail.

2/5 Goals Finished.  I really could have done better.
December Small Goals
1. Buy NOTHING! Basically if it isn't a Christmas present for someone, I'm not buying it. I said it, so it's happening.
2.  Crafty Ornaments.  Last year I made a whole bunch of soft ornaments for my tree and called them "kitty safe" ornaments because if they pulled them down they couldn't eat or choke on anything. They were mostly crocheted or felt ornaments. I plan on crafting some new ones to add to my collection.
3. Christmas Cookies/Treats.  It's always fun to try new holiday inspired recipes.  I have plenty of celebrations and I'm planning on trying out some new treats to take to houses. I did this during Thanksgiving and I was highly successful.
4. Find Yoga focused workout.  I've kind of fallen off the wagon workout wise in the last month.  I usually use Blogilates calendars which is more an overall workout but I'm just feeling zero motivation towards it lately.  I think I'm going to try to find a more yoga focused workout to fill December with.
5. Clean up my Personal Email.  My personal email is atrocious. It has over 5,000 emails in it which are probably mostly junk. I need to sort my downloadable patterns for the last few months and then purge the rest.  I might wait until most of my Christmas orders are here but this needs to happen and needs to stay cleaned out. I swear, my work email is super tidy and I don't understand this personal laziness. Digital clutter is still clutter and it needs to go.

Heather's Small Goals: November 
1. Make 3 seasonal things (desserts, cocktails, food)   I feel like I cheated a little with this one because I ended up making mostly all seasonal things for Friendsgiving (Bourbon Apple Cider, Cranberry and Apple Stuffing, Bourbon Apple Pie. They were all hits!) 
2. Check out the new cat cafe in STL  Done and done! The best friends gang totally made our way to the cat cafe in STL and it was amazing 
3. Take my beebs shopping for fall/winter  We actually did this on the same day as the cat cafe trip. They crushed it and basically knew exactly what they wanted. It was such a blast. 
4. Blog 3x a week  Fail. I was sick for the majority of November and didn't plan ahead. Same old story, different month. 
5. Host Sister Thanksgiving We changed this to Friendsgiving and it was a hit! I was so pumped that this went off and was such a blast. It's totally a yearly tradition now. 

4/5 Goals Finished 

December Small Goals 
1. Send out holiday cards  I haven't sent out holiday cards in years but I'm really feeling sending out some Christmas cheer this year. I'm also a part of a lady pen pal group so I have a huge list of cool ladies to send things to! 
2. Don't spend any money on myself  My birthday is so close to Christmas and right before Black Friday and I did a little splurging on myself. Hey, I'm turning 30, I think it's deserved. But I'd really like to go on a freeze on personal spending until at least after the holidays. 
3. Get back into my workout routine  I had a really good workout routine over the summer and have let it fall to the side as the weather got colder. Now I'm feeling this urge to kickstart working out again. I've joined an accountability group and I'm following my T25 workout calendar. 
4. Celebrate turning 30 with my friends  Turning 30 feels like a big deal so I want to celebrate with all my friends and just have the best time ringing in the next decade of my life. 
5. Handmade holiday gifts  I've already purchased a lot of holiday gifts but I'd like to add some handmade things to my pile of presents. My sisters usually love cozy scarves and my kids have been asking for new hats so I think those will all go on the list. 

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