Monday, November 7, 2016

November Small Goals

So we can all agree that October went by in like a blink right? It seems like I was getting myself psyched for all things spooky and then before I knew it I was chilling on the couch watching my last scary movie of October before I knew it. At least the weather is finally starting to feel fall like. Most of October was spent in the 80s. Global warming much? November sometimes feels like an in between month to me, but I'm turning 30 at the beginning of December so I'm determined to make the most of the last month in my 20s. As always, we are linking up with Nicole at Writes Like a Girl, so go check out every one's small goals! 

Jen's Small Goals 
1. Nightly routine This was probably the goal I most wanted to tackle this month and I completely failed. I didn't start a nightly routine in the slightest or even just wash my face before bed. FAIL!
2. Pin Storage  This is the one goal I excelled at and probably because I tackled it at the first of the month and it was a goal I've had for a few months now.  I absolutely love the addition of the pin board and how easily it makes getting my accessories together in the morning.
3. Try Pore Strips I remembered this goal over the weekend, went to buy groceries, realized I was responsible for the full bill this week (groceries are usually the husband's domain) and couldn't justify spending the $10 on them--so fail.
4.  (re)Read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children I really tried to finish this goal. I read the first book and half of the 2nd book. I wasn't loving the 2nd book and was feeling like I was forcing myself to read it. Then I spiraled into a book slump that I'm just now coming out of.  Another fail.
5. Fall Outing  There were plans and sadly they fell through so this one is also a fail.

1/5 - I basically failed for the month of October.

November Small Goals 
1. Make a Christmas Tree Skirt.  Last year was the first year since I've lived on my own that I was able to have a tree without the cats destroying it. Last year, I used my small Christmas quilt as the skirt so this year I'm determined to make a quilty patchwork tree skirt.
2.  House projects. I live in an ancient home, that is over 100 years old.  It is a mishmash of different time periods all rolled into one.  The dream when we purchased the home was to renovate it and it has been the slowest process ever. You tend to lose steam on such large projects. Anyway, my goal is to spend a total of 2 days on the weekends to make some progress to hopefully help re-motivate these projects.
3.  Nightly Routine.  I'm sticking with this one because I'm 30 and should really be making my skin a priority before it is too late.  I'm putting all excuses aside!
4.  Vote on November 8th.  This probably seems like a no brainer and something everyone should do even if they are super turned off by the presidential race, which I think most of us are.  However, if you are unhappy about who is currently controlling congress, you need to get out and vote so we can flip the senate!
5. Mix up the Podcasts.  I've been obsessed with the Best of Friends podcast for a while and have been trying to catch up like a crazy person but also rewatch the episodes that correspond with each podcast episode.  I'm at about February of this year which translates to season 5 in the friends world.  Since I haven't been quilting as much, I haven't been watching as much friends so it has been hard for me to stay caught up with the corresponding podcast. Anyway it's time to mix it up and listen to some new stuff. There is a Babysitter's Club podcast calling my name next!

Heather's Small Goals 
1. Stick to my budget  Not only did I stick to my budget, I did better than my boyfriend did on his budget this month, which is basically unheard of (he’s super thrifty and budget minded) 
2. Daily Gratitude list  Done! I kept a list in my notebook and every day managed to write down 3 things I was grateful for. Even on bad days, this was a nice mindfulness practice to have this month 
3. Write two short stories/essays Done, but just barely. I saw this on my goals list on Sunday (10/30) and finally sat down and wrote a horror short story I’ve been thinking about for awhile and a personal essay about my mom 
4. Accessorize twice a week  Fail. I totally forgot about this goal. I did wear my fall lipstick more often, even to work, but I’m not sure that counts. 
5. Make two Halloween crafts  So this was also a fail. I did finish a few craft projects that had been on my to-do list but I didn’t make two Halloween crafts, only one (which was my Halloween wreath and is pretty amazing). 

3/5 complete. Not too bad! 

November Small Goals 
1. Make 3 seasonal things (desserts, cocktails, food)   I'm really into seasonal everything so I'm hoping to make a few goodies this month that embrace the fall flavors before everything Christmas explodes 
2. Check out the new cat cafe in STL I've been keeping tabs on the developments of Mauhaus in St. Louis for like the past year. It finally opens this month so I want to take the girls with me to check it out! 
3. Take my beebs shopping for fall/winter My beebs are in serious need of some new cold weather clothes. I think they are old enough to start helping pick out their outfits so I'm thinking a trip to the mall needs to happen. 
4. Blog 3x a week  Our poor blog has been a little neglected lately. I'm working on a blog schedule for the month so we can get some more content out here. 
5. Host Sister Thanksgiving My sister is one of my best friends and we both thought it would be nice to have a small Thanksgiving so I'm working on planning that now. I think this will be a really nice way to connect (and eat delicious food!) 

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