Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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Hey blog friends! I would love to start this off by saying "Happy Fall" but honestly, Missouri sucks and temperatures are still hitting 80's most days. We are a little worried that we aren't really going to have a fall and we are going to dive head first into frigid winter. This totally bums us both out because its fall in our hearts.

This outfit post we are going to focus on our more casual looks, or "go to" outfits that we love to where when outfit planning becomes too much.  These outfits happen multiple times a week because sleepy accurately describes us most mornings.  At this point, we both have legit graphic tee obsessions and we both can't seem to stop buying them.  When our favorite independent graphic tee shop has a sale we get super pumped and talk about our upcoming orders for weeks as we anticipate their arrivals (everything is made to order so it takes a while, but it is 100% worth the wait!). It gets a bit silly.

I absolutely love the evolution of our casual styles.  I think we both had a few graphic tees toward the beginning of the summer and then we just went a little crazy.  But I love that people can tell what we are all about just by looking at what tee we are sporting that day. It seems like my favorite tees are centered around cats, Harry Potter or books in general, quilting, favorite TV shows and feminism. Pretty much the best things.

Outfit Details
Tank {Wicked Clothes} / Jeggings {American Eagle} / Plaid Shirt {Vintage Forever 21} / kicks {Toms-very similar} / Pin {Heartificial}

Something about graphic tees speak to me. Lately it seems like you can find really cool and unique ones that can represent all your nerdy interests. When I saw this tee from Passive Juice Motel, I knew I had to make it mine. Coffee and contemplation are kind of my jam. Also one of my favorite quotes from Stranger Things, so yep. I had to have it! 

This outfit is basically what you can find me in lately. My office is cold year round, like most offices, so I always have a cardigan with me. I just picked up two of these extra cozy ones that I'm looking forward to wearing them non stop this winter. 

Side note: this coffee was so gross! I was really disappointed. Jen cracked up when I spit this out after the photo was taken, but I just could not. I live in a small town with limited coffee options, so I am pretty excited that it was just announced that we are getting a Starbucks. No more driving 30 minutes to get that Sbux fix y'all! 

Outfit Details 
Cardigan (Charlotte Russe-sold out) / Tee (Passive Juice Motel) / Jeggings (American Eagle) / Booties (Forever 21)

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