Monday, November 28, 2016

30 Before 30 {The Recap}

Well here we are. I'm turning 30 this week and closing out my 20s. It's been a rollercoaster of decade, and I'm more than ready to put 2016 especially behind me. Every year since I was 25 I've put together a list of things I want to accomplish by my next birthday. I try to mix the list with practical things I need to do and things I want to do that stretch me as a person. There is kind of a weird disconnect when making these goals. What you think you want to do doesn't always turn out to be possible, or maybe your goals shift and something you thought you wanted to do ends up not being as big of a priority as you thought it would be (going to a casino *ahem*). I think I crossed off maybe half the things on my list, but looking back, a lot of things I wanted to do just didn't fit with my life. I'm ok with that. I did accomplish a lot and this list pushed me to make some things a priority so I could make sure I got to do them. I'm perfecting my list for 31 now but before I post that, I wanted to do a small check in of what I got to cross of my 30 Before 30 list. 

30 Before 30 {Recap} 

1 Go to City Museum    Done! I went with Jarrett for our two year anniversary in October 
2 Organize photos (on computer…possibly putting them into photo books?) 
3 Keep a daily or weekly journal   For the past like 6 months, I've kept a weekly journal type thing. I think I'll keep it up! 
4 Weekly portraits of E & M  
5 Buy a new swimsuit Guess what? I bought THREE new swimsuits this year 
6 Go on an overnight camping trip 
7 Decorate our place So this is like a work in progress but I made some serious strides. It counts.
8 Buy a bike  So I bought a bike for Jarrett for his birthday and I'm counting that 
9 Take more everyday photographs 
10 Write 3 short stories/essays Done and done. I've kept them all private for now, but I did it! 
11 Reread one book (or more!) a month  Yup. I have a list but I'll spare you for now. It was really nice to revisit some favorites this year. 
12 Sew a dress (possibly with pockets!) 
13 Get a tattoo
14 Make some art for the walls  
15 Run a 5K  I actually ran/walked TWO 6Ks
16 Get some houseplants (succulents)  They have all died but I still got them. I have a cactus (for now) 
17 Go to a casino
18 Learn to make 3 fancy-ish cocktails  I made a Dark & Stormy, Bourbon Spiked Cider, and Wine Spritzers. Fancy enough for me! 
19 Make two quilts 
20 Get a passport 
21 Learn to knit (FOR REAL THIS TIME)  Took a knitting class and completed my 1st project this week! Got it done right before the cut off 
22 Take a solo day trip 
23 Cook one new recipe a month 
24 Go on a birthday trip with my sister 
25 Host a wine club 
26 Plan a best friend trip with Jen  BookCon in Chicago was a DREAM! 
27 Make some jewelry 
28 Try waterskiing 
29 Go to a festival 
30 Throw a surprise party 

14/30 birthday goals accomplished

So I didn't accomplish even half the things on my list, but I'm ok with that. Looking over the list I feel like I put things on there that just didn't fit with me anymore. Like I would have loved to try waterskiing but I didn't get the chance to go to the lake to do so. I also thought about getting a passport but with no trips out of the country on my radar any time soon, it seemed like money that could be better spent elsewhere for now. Same with a birthday trip with my sister. Timing and finances did not align, so we are going to try to fit this in sometime in 2017. Also "take more everyday photographs" is really super vague and hard to judge on if that was accomplished or not. Like I took a lot of great selfies but I don't think that counts. I think the most disappointing ones that I wish I had made more of an effort on would be organizing photos on my computer and taking weekly portraits of my beebs. This year for my 31 list, I'm trying to really examine who I am and what I think will work for me this year. I want to grow and challenge myself so I'm putting the finishing touches on that list now. If you do similar birthday lists, I'd love to hear any tips or tricks you have. What works for you? 

I'm really looking forward to 30, mostly because I strong armed my boyfriend and sister into throwing me a party. I'm scrappy when I need to be. 

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