Monday, October 17, 2016

And Summer Fades into Fall

Hey friends! We are in this weird weather phase in Missouri where you need a sweater in the morning, but you will probably suffocate by afternoon. Personally, we are completely in the mood to jump straight to our fall wardrobes but summer continues to try to hang on here in Missouri.   Therefore, transitional outfits are a must.

The inspiration for this outfit combination, other than qualifying as a transitional outfit, is Clueless. Deon wears an outfit pretty damn similar and I've personally always been obsessed with the fashion styling in Clueless.  I also feel like I should admit that I was a little afraid of the pleather trend at first. It took me straight back to 7th grade when pleather pants were all the rage and I was too uncool to pull them off.  I've since let go of that insecurity and have been rocking the pleather trend like crazy.  And since we are on the topic of insecurities, let's talk about this crazy naturally curly hair. Until about 17, I had pretty straight hair and then one day it was wavy and now it this curly mess.  You would think I would have figured out how to style it after 10 years of it being curly. Well, I haven't. Most of the time I just add some curl spray and let it air dry or I pretend I'm Jennifer Anniston and I flat iron the crap out of it. Any of my curly haired friends have any styling suggestions? I'd be forever thankful!

Outfit Details
Top {Rue 21} / Pleather Skirt {Forever 21} / Booties {Forever 21}

Hey-o! As Jen mentioned above, the weather in Missouri is driving me crazy! For a few days it;s perfectly fall and crisp then it flips and it's in the mid 80s for a few days. I am OVER IT. Since I can't go full on fall with weather like this, I've been mixing in the few fall things with my summer things to help me transition. For me, it's all about the fall footwear. 

-When your sister is your photographer you get a little hammy-

My whole outfit is unintentionally from Modcloth, but these shoes are the real MVP. They look a little witchy and I've been rocking them 3-4 times a week with various outfits. They definitely help me feel like I'm bringing a little fall with me into these hot days. 

All Modcloth (PS The top and shoes are ON SALE) 

One of us was obviously thrilled to make her best friend look like the dancing girls emoji. What pieces are helping you transition from summer into fall? Are you lucky enough to have all fall temps, all the time? If so mark me down as jealous! 

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