Monday, September 5, 2016

August Rewind

Man, August I was completely immersed in the Harry Potter re-read. I was able to squeeze in The Diviner's by Libby Bray, a book I had on my summer reading list.  It was great! It has a great cult vibe and I loved the 1920's flapper timeline. I'd recommend it to any fantasy/mystery lover!

STRANGER THINGS! I don't think it was possible to get through this month and not.  There was Stranger Thing stuff everywhere and I had to binge it before I was spoiled. I got a serious Stephen King/80's horror vibe from it. It was so good! Drop everything and watch it now! I've already ordered a pin to represent!

I'm a fan of all religious nonsense and cult like activity.  Heather recommended "Oh No Ross And Carrie" to me.  I've only listened to a couple of the episodes, but I'm pretty into it.  Basically this two some dive into a religion, explore it from the inside and then report.  I started the Scientology segment and man, they have a knack of really pointing out some of the oddities within the religion. I can't wait to dive further in! 

Also this month:

1. Sasquatch Quilt
I've almost crossed this summer goal off my list. I used the Legendary pattern by Elizabeth Hartman and I'm absolutely loving how it is turning out. The sasquatch was probably the most pieces I've ever had to piece together to finish one block. Plus, I loved the flying geese variation that was used for the trees.  Basically, it's a cool as quilt and I'm pretty proud of it because it really took some skill to get it right.  It is currently waiting on my crafting table for the binding step.  It's so close to being finished!

2. Sick Momma
This month was a little on the heavy side for me.  Getting a call that one of your parents, or children, or spouse or close friend is in the hospital and in dire condition is one of the scariest things ever. Basically your heart falls out your butt. For me, it was my momma. For privacy, I won't get too into it, but she was a very sick momma and it was pretty scary there for a bit.  Luckily, she is pulling through, recovering and adapting to her new phase in life. 

3.  Pokémon Go
I don't know if I've needed extra me time lately or what, but I've been really into taking walks and playing Pokémon Go. I'm not a hardcore gaming fan, but I'm into it. I'm only on level 14--don't make fun of me! I've even started playing it during my lunch breaks. Sometimes it is super nice to get away from the office a bit and walks are good for so many different reasons. 

Besides finishing up the Harry Potter reread this month, I also was able to squeeze in two library books. First up was The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey, which was a really interesting take on the zombie genre. It's a movie that is coming out this fall so I'm really interested to see it translated from page to screen. I also read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, which is one of the best books I've read in my entire life. It was so rich and full, the way the story unfolds had me struggling to put it down. I stayed up until midnight and then read until noon the next day to finish it in a day. I will recommend this to everybody I know who loves to read, please check it out if you get a chance! 

Like everybody else, I binge watched Stranger Things and am now trying to patiently wait for season 2. I might need to rewatch it a few more times before then! It's basically a mix of sci-fi and horror that is right up my alley. 

I've also been watching Supernatural. I'm a few seasons behind, so I started with season 6 and now have barely left my couch all week. It's going to be rough transitioning back into the working world next week. I've always loved Supernatural so it's been really fun rewatching this while reading blogs and writing. 

Thanks to a recommendation on Sevi's blog, I've been listening to My Favorite Murder and loving it! I'm a huge true crime buff so I'm really digging this podcast and also the banter between the hosts. I feel like I would enjoy talking murder with them if we ever hung out. 

Also this month:

1. Celebration of Life 
At the beginning of the month we had a celebration of life for my mother. We rented a pavilion at the state park, everyone brought so much food, and we drank and talked to so many people who loved my mom. It was amazing to see how many people showed up and wanted to share memories they had of my mom. She had a big heart and it shows. She was so loved. My favorite part was when everyone let balloons go while we thought of memories. My daughters loved it and it was so nice to have a celebration instead of something sad. I know it's what my mom would have wanted. She would have loved it. 

2. Casino Night 
Jarrett won tickets to a casino night at a local winery a few weekends ago. Obviously I was 100% into this because one of my favorite episodes of The Office is the Casino Night episode (that Jim and Pam kiss is maybe my favorite moment. All the heart eye emojis!!). The weather was perfect, the wine was decent, the food was ok, and gambling with free chips was a blast. I had never gambled before but I did ok when playing Roulette. It was also just really nice to have a date night with my favorite guy. We spend a lot of time together and always have a blast, but that was the first real date night we've had in awhile. 

3. Crafting and First Grade 
With my time off this month, I finished a quilt that I had sewn the top for like 3 years ago. It's been sitting in my craft supplies box ever since so I finally got some supplies and got it all sewn up within a few days. Now it's Luna's favorite place to lay and I'm glad the vintage sheets I cut up for it didn't go to waste. 

Emily and Morgan also started first grade. I know this is kind of like a 4th thing, but it's so cool to see how excited they were to get back to school and learn math (like, what?). They're growing up and while I love it, I also wish time would slow down just a little bit. 

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