Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Skirts

Hey friends! Man, it seems like Heather and I have been planning this summer skirts post for a while, but had some serious issues getting together.  Alas, we made it work and would like to talk about our personal fashion inspirations.

For me, the people who are most influential to my personal fashion our fictional characters from tv shows and movies.  And of course, my fashion choices fluctuate based upon what I'm currently binge watching.

I would say my #1 fashion influence is Rachel Green from Friends, although I do take style cards from Monica & Phoebe too. In fact, Phoebe was rocking one of the cutest jumpsuits I've ever seen in the first season.  When I first started watching the series on Netflix last year, I fell head over heals in love with the styles of the 90s.  In fact, I felt the need to a wardrobe overhaul after watching only a couple of seasons.  Bring on all the overalls and pleated pants! I also now own the iconic Rachel Green black overall outfit that was featured in the episode involving Ben's birth. She later changes into a sexy getup in hopes of enticing a handsome doctor. She should have totes stuck with the overall look.

It's funny because you would think staying home and watching Netflix would be a money saver, but sometimes it has the complete opposite effect on me.

Anyway, my #2 fashion inspiration is Sue Ellen Cranston from "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead".  Believe me, I know this sounds like such an obscure fashion influence, but Christina Applegate's many looks are on point during this movie. Everything from her teenage angst look to hip-ly styled professional gear stolen from her mom's closet.  Plus, this was a pretty iconic movie from my childhood and was basically every child's dream summer.  I think the only movie plot that rivaled it at the time was Came Nowhere, but I digress.  I might also have an "I'm right on top of that, Rose" pin in one of my many carts over the interwebs.

My third would probably be Jessica Day from New Girl.  Her outfits are adorable and almost always from Modcloth, which is sadly usually out of my price range unless I'm splurging or they are having a sale.  But I seriously love her overly girly fashion sense. I love her feminist ways.  I love that she promotes you can wear a skirt but still kick ass at life too. Maybe I'm a little more in love with her confidence than anything else.

I do pull back from my 90's girl persona to check out current trends because I do love me a trend and it is fun to mix styles.  Basically, I just love fashion and the confidence it brings to my life.

Outfit details:
Suspender Skirt  (Forever 21) / Tank (Rue 21) / Kicks (Converse) / Sunglasses (Present from the Bestie, obvs.) 

Pin Details:
The top 5 pins on the left and the middle pin and bottom pin on the right are from Darling Distraction.  I'm super into order from Darling because they have such a great collaboration of different artists so it is super easy to collect some kick ass pins quickly.
The bottom one on the left (books) and the Snape pin on the right are from OsloandAlfred on Etsy.

The third from the bottom (cat cream scoop) is from ThePinkSamurai on Etsy.
The top two on the right (Rachel & Ross) are from Heartificial on Etsy.  I'm also super into Heartificial because almost all the pins are pop culture references or have to do with my favorite tv shows. I literally have like 8 of their pins sitting in my etsy cart waiting for me to pull the trigger.  Pins are definitely my new obsession!

First of all, this skirt is the best thing I’ve ever purchased. I was at a Haim concert with my work friend when I saw the girl behind me wearing it. She graciously shared that she got it from Ann Taylor Loft and it was 40% off. The next day I looked and there was one left in stock and it was in my size. So bless you stylish concert girl with excellent tastes in clothes and music. 

This leads me into my style inspirations, which most of the time are real people, though I would love to own almost all the outfits Kimmy wears in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I feel like I’m constantly drawing style inspiration from the people around me, coworkers, cute girls in restaurants or concerts, my sister, or bloggers I admire with similar body shapes. Nicole, Sevi, Leah, and Valery are all blogging ladies I find myself being inspired by. Sometimes they will post an outfit of something I had been considering but never thought I could pull off. Then I try it and love it! 

I think Instagram is another great source of inspiration for me. People I follow on there like Erin and Allie are people whose style I dig and I find myself shopping at a lot of places they tag in outfit photos (shoutout to Passive Juice Motel, what my graphic tee dreams are made of!).

I honestly think there is so much to draw inspiration from in life and it’s pulling the little pieces we find that we love and incorporating them into our own personal style. You might find a jacket you love from a blogger, but I bet you are styling it in your own way and making it work with your wardrobe. It’s the best thing about loving clothes and fashion. It’s expressing yourself through clothes and you never know who you are inspiring just by being you. 

Outfit Details
Top (Forever 21) / Skirt (Ann Taylor Loft) / Shoes (Forever 21 last year) 

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