Monday, May 23, 2016

Up in the Mountains: Hiking Part 1

Welcome friends, to my recap of the vacation I took a month ago! I know, you've been waiting and waiting and it's finally here. My boyfriend and I took a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado at the end of April and it was amazing. We went to Colorado last May and it was my first time there. I quickly fell in love with the mountains and so when we saw cheap plane tickets, we jumped on it. We flew into Denver, got breakfast, then headed towards Boulder since we didn't get to spend much time there last year before heading into Fort Collins for the rest of the trip.  I know you are going to be psyched to hear that I'm splitting this recap into 3 posts. This one covers the two hikes around Boulder we went on. 


We got a recommendation to check out the Flatirons hike at breakfast and it ended up being really cool. In all honesty, I was exhausted from 3 hours of sleep the night before and didn't really properly hike this. I walked up to the tree line before heading back and taking a nap in the car. Jarrett went a little farther than I did but ended up joining me in the car. I did look up this hike later and really regret not giving it my all, because it looks like it was really cool. I'm definitely planning on heading back here on my next trip to Colorado, because let's be real, this is at least a yearly trip for me. 

Bald Mountain

We actually did this hike last year and it was one of my favorites. We wanted another short hike before grabbing lunch and since we knew this one, we hit it up again. I'm so glad we did! There was  a huge snowstorm in this area the weekend before we got here and snowy mountains are kind of my jam, so we got lucky. We were able to enjoy this hike with snow but the weather wasn't so cold that I wasn't uncomfortable in a light hoodie. It's a super easy hike and totally worth it for the killer views of snowy mountains. 

And thus ends the first hiking recap! I'm also really down to hear of any recommended hikes in these areas. I think we agreed that Fort Collins/Colorado trips will happen yearly and I don't want to do the same hikes every time. Stay tuned for part 2! 

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