Thursday, May 12, 2016

One Week in Outfits

Hello friends! It feels like a hot minutes since we have shared anything outfit related. It's honestly one of our favorite things and we have some great outfits coming soon. As really cool and dorky best friends tend to do, Jen and I start our day sending each other snaps of our outfits of the day on Snapchat. I know, best idea ever and you are welcome to steal it. We've been doing this for probably a year. It's basically all I use Snapchat for and I'm fine with that. I love seeing what Jen has picked out for the day and am usually really impressed and jealous of her really awesome 90s style. 

We thought it would be fun to save 5 days worth of outfit snaps one week and share them on the blog. Outfit posts are pretty planned out. We pick a loose theme (like winter florals) and each kind of choose an outfit that shows off our personal style and also flatters our different body types. This was fun because it is something that we do everyday anyway and shows off outfits that might never make it to the blog. 

"Wow girl, you need to clean that mirror you are using for outfit snaps." I know this was your first thought and I have made sure this has been done. Thank you for having my back :) 

I actually really love all my outfits from this week in April that we did this. I think Friday was my favorite, and now I'm really bummed that I spilled wine on that polka dot top Friday and cannot get the stain out. Literally cried about it and my boyfriend thought I was over reacting but he just does not understand how perfect this polka dot top was! It completed so many great outfits! 

I also think it's pretty representative that it's 3 days of stripes, 2 days of polka dots. I know what I like and I rock it. I also ended up working from home on Tuesday so the wet hair was not the best choice. Could I not have waited to dry my hair before sending and saving this snap? I really do need to get it together. 

Looking at this now, I really love that this series is basically my everyday wardrobe and I feel like it represents my personal style pretty well. I've been on a journey to really figure it out this past year and these photos make me feel confident I'm moving in the right direction. 

***Obviously really bad about putting my shoes away.***

Oh man friends, I'm not going to lie, when Heather first approached me with her Snapchat outfit idea last summer I was on the fence, only because I felt too old to use Snapchat. Obviously, I'm more of an old school millennial. (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of shows on different generations, lately.) Anyway, I'm so glad I caved because I LOVE seeing what Heather picks out every day and to watch her style evolution.  Plus, I get pretty excited about anything fashion related and this ritual allows us to start our days off right, talking about fashion and outfits and trying to encourage the other not to shop. haha

This was a way more casual week for me because it was part of one of my April Staycation weekends but on the same hand, it is very representative of my casual style. On a typical work week you'd probably see way more of a Rachel Green vibe going on (like Monday's outfit).  The only thing that looks a bit off to me is the lack of floral patterns.  And, you can also guarantee, at least once a week, I'm rolling up to work in a french braid. Some mornings I just don't want to deal with the out of control mane I have going on.  (For the one millionth time, I need a haircut!)

I was super into this post idea because I think it is really cool to share our everyday style as opposed to our very planned out outfit shoots, where we've had days to think about our choices. Mornings are messy and full of moods, last minute decisions and Missouri weather so this post is pretty real to who we are in a fashion sense.  It's so crazy to me how the right outfit can either make or break your mood for the day, which may sound silly to some, but it totally happened to me earlier in the week.  For me, a lot of my confidence comes from my fashion style and when it isn't aligned or I don't feel happy in my outfit, then my confidence suffers as a whole.  I'm really glad I've spent some time over the last year working on my personal style because my confidence has grown by so much over this last year.

Do you have any fun best friend traditions? Hit us up in the comments and let us know!

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